“We Bought the Wrong EMR”

This was the title of an article I found in ModernMedicine, “We Bought the Wrong EMR.” It’s a pretty interesting article since the writer is still a major fan of EMR software and the use of technology in healthcare despite choosing the wrong EMR. It’s a little hard to read online (in my opinion), but it’s a pretty interesting read for those selecting an EMR.

A few things in the article hit me. One major point he makes is that in their EMR selection they had the wrong focus (claims, viability of the vendor, reliance on national standards, and certification) and should have instead focused more on the human/computer interface. Most people would refer to this as the usability of the EMR. I’ve thought about usability of an EMR software a lot, but I haven’t probably focused enough thought and energy on how you can evaluate an EMR’s usability when you’re selecting an EMR.

What’s even more concerning to me is that the EMR stimulus money is likely to have a similar effect. It’s not too hard to imagine stories of people who got caught up in the billions of $$$ available from the HITECH act and forget to focus on what’s really important to find in an EMR software. Just wait for another article titled, “The EMR Stimulus Bought Us the Wrong EMR.”

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John Lynn

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  • There are pleanty of methods for determining the usability of an EMR, but I think you would find most of them are unusable. “Meaningful Use” identifies features and functions that need to be included in an EMR, but that won’t ensure people will be able to use them to either put data in or get information out.
    Let’s talk “design” and the human/computer interaction that needs to be defined prior to the system being implemented.
    It is possible to have a GREAT EMR system that will do many things that the current EMRs are not doing.

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