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A few days ago, I took a few moments and attended a Greenway presentation on the EMR stimulus money. They did a pretty good job on most aspects of the EMR stimulus money. For someone who didn’t know anything about ARRA, it would have been a decent start. Only a few comments that had a nice EMR vendor bias.

One thing that did kind of bother me was the list of EMR resources that they listed to help people searching for an EMR. Here’s the list of sites they suggested:

Interestingly, I don’t think any of the above sites would make my list of great EMR resources. I think I might have to do a future post with my list of resources. Sure, I know that Greenway is a large EMR vendor with a certain agenda. Maybe I’m just offended since I wasn’t on the list (my own personal agenda). It’s just unfortunate with so many good EMR resources out there that the above websites were the ones listed. I mention Greenway, since they provided this list. No doubt many other of the large EMR vendors would have provided a similar biased list.

Feel free to provide your list of great EMR resources in the comments.

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John Lynn

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  • This is helpful, John, thanks.

    My experience with searching high level links is that you can’t readily find what you need….forgive me for not checking your list out before writing this, but it would be helpful if within the resource list, a “table of contents” with links for the sites would be helpful, or at least a description/summary of what infomation is available on the site.

    For example, I want information on how to apply for grants. In my past experience, I haven’t been able to find anything right away when looking at a site, and so have to postpone it until later when I have time to search, whenever that may be.

    What do you think?

    Thanks again.


  • Eunice,
    Hopefully I made myself clear in the post above. I think the links listed above are useless. At least if you’re looking for good quality, unbiased EMR information to help you select and implement an EMR. That’s why I didn’t even make links out of them.

    If I have time, I’ll make my own list of links that I think people should know about and will include a description of why the link is useful.

    No doubt a central place for good quality info/links would be good. That’s part of why I started the EMR and HIPAA wiki: Still has a ways to go, but has some decent information now.

  • Eunice,
    I like the Allscripts and NextGen Sites for EMR stimulus info. Mostly because they have the money to understand the legislation. Plus, they’ve been part of the rule creation process. So, their proximity to the EMR stimulus makes them good resources for those details.

    You just have to be careful with some of their other info on EMR since it definitely has a big EMR vendor slant.

  • You are right, John. There are MANY other resources to help physicians identify the EHR system that meets their individual needs. Some of these resources charge fees, but one free and unbiased resource is allows physicians to complete an individual EHR profile, which will be compared to over 300 EHR products in the database. The system will then recommend 3-5 specific EHR products based on a physician’s profile. It’s worth a look for any physician considering an EHR system!

  • Most EMR vendors are also trying to convince you that meaningful use is already set and in place and that they are already qualified. One great blog to follow for unbiased REAL info is

  • Tom,
    You’re right about that. Many EMR vendors are spouting all sorts of lies and misinformation. I like Randall Oates blog a lot.

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