EMR Bloggers Come and Go, but EMR and HIPAA is Forever

I always think it’s fun to think back on the last 5 or so years doing this blog. When I first started there was a lot of excitement about HIT blogging. People were just kind of getting into it and there was a lot of interaction between bloggers. Then, it seemed like interest in the subject waned for a while. For example, one of my early “EMR blog sparring partners” was a blog called Calyx. From the looks of their archive, they lasted for just under a year of blogging and then just stopped. No note of why. Just no more posts. I actually thought maybe Calyx had gone out of business, but then I found their corporate website. I wonder how their Misys EMR stuff is going now.

I also use to enjoy some fun exchanges with the good people at TempDev. In fact, I still do on occasion, but you can see that they’ve gotten busy to blog. Or at least so it seems to me. Maybe I should find something to keep me more busy too. I guess for me blogging is part of my enjoyment. Why I enjoy writing about EMR is beyond me. I find it interesting and fun or I would have given up long ago. Like so many others that I could mention.

You can find a bunch of EMR and HIT related blogs listed on HITSphere. Sadly few of them are updated regularly. Not that I need any more content to read, but it’s fun to see what people find worth blogging about.

Of course, with the $18 billion of EMR stimulus money the whole EMR world has been reinvigorated and the biggest trend I’ve seen happening is the various EMR vendors joining the blogging world. I won’t try to list them all here, because there are far too many. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of blogging and the power of blogging. So, it’s nice to see EMR vendors join the discussion. Of course, that assumes that their blog is a discussion and not just a sales page and/or place for the press releases that no one wants to read.

Now, what does any of this have to do with you? Probably nothing really. Sometimes that’s the beauty of blogging. You’ll be surprised how many people will read you writing about nothing. As long as it doesn’t become a habit.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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