MISYS EMR Users Moving to Allscripts EMR Thanks to ARRA

HISTalk posted the following about Allscripts EMR and MISYS EMR:

From Doofus: “Re: Allscripts. Word on the street that Allscripts is sending a letter to Misys EMR clients stating that they will not make MISYS EMR compliant with ARRA guidelines and that these clients will need to move to the Allscripts family of products. Fees are in the area of $2,500 per provider and a fee per practice. Training and data conversion are not included but are discounted.” A contact there says word on the street is wrong. Since meaningful use hasn’t been defined, Allscripts hasn’t made any statement about the likelihood of MEMR being compliant or what they’ll do (or offer) if it isn’t. Maybe there was some confusion over an ongoing offer to those MEMR customers who would like to upgrade to one of the company’s better products at their convenience.

This sounds like playing on words to me. I attended the Alllscripts tour…errr I mean the EHR stimulus tour. There were many Misys EMR users that told me they pretty much had to move to Allscripts EMR. Maybe it’s not being forced to move. However, when you’re working on EMR software that won’t be updated, that’s pretty much being forced to move in my book.

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  • current emr user with all the latest, greatest updates. i was hoping for the bells and whistles told of a year ago. support website says ehr will be the focus of r&d for stimulus $. support conversations
    haven’t said emr won’t be compliant.
    the current economy won’t support our change to ehr at this time.
    time will tell, but i suspect all the focus will be ehr and support only with minimal advancement for emr

  • I had mysis/tiger for about 4years, the reseller who sold me the mysis emr in 2007 also hosted my emr informed me that allscript took over mysis and I had to pay for a new allscript emr costing over $40,000 because mysis was not cchit certified, I now wonder if I was defrauded as I am made to understand that all I had to do was pay for an upgrade and training fee. Please does any one have the experience of transitioning from mysis to allscript.

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