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I’m a huge stats fanatic with my blog. I like to know everything about how people find my blog and new/better ways to get more people to read the content I’ve created (and also benefit my advertisers). I recently saw some searches sent to this site for the terms “top certified emrs.” First, I can’t ever really bring myself to write the word EMRs. It just doesn’t feel right to me to add an s on the end of EMR, but it seems like many people do.

More importantly, I think many users are going to get some really bad information if they’re searching the internet for a list of top certified EHR. If you’ve been reading this blog for any time you know why this is a problem.

First, most of them are probably interested in getting the ARRA EHR stimulus money and so they want to find the top EMR companies that are certified in order to get the EHR stimulus money. The problem is that ONC is still deciding on what will be defined as a certified EHR and so we don’t know which EMRs will be on that certified EHR list (yes, I realize that mixing the terms EMRs with EHR list is a little messed up). So, until we know what the government will recognize as a certified EHR, then we can think about creating a “top certified EMRs list.”

Second, I think it’s always a bit of a problem for someone to create a list of the top certified EMRs. There are so many factors involved that you really need to create a few hundred lists. Here’s a few examples:
Top Certified General Medicine EMRs
Top Certified EMRs
Top Certified SaaS EMRs
Top Certified Client Server EMRs
Top Certified Hybrid EMRs
Top Certified Integrated PMS and EMR
Top Certified Stand Alone EMR
etc etc etc

Then, you could add in size of practice, states, Medicare/Medicaid/other insurance carriers, etc. Basically, you could have a multitude of lists that you could create listing the best EMRs to fit a clinic’s specific needs.

That’s why when I’m asked to suggest the best EMRs. I always say that I’d be doing them injustice if I answered them without knowing more about their clinic. Those factors do matter since there’s no one size fits all EMR that is best for every situation.

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John Lynn

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  • The blog is helpful – but why not create a site ranking EHR’s and fit systems to practices for a consulting fee? Do all the legwork for medical practices – and save them all that time? idk – haha

  • I’ve considered the idea a number of times. Just not sure how to scale it and ensure that I provide value to end users. I also believe there’s no perfect fit. It’s just about deciding which challenges you prefer to live with.

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