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I think that too often only those unsatisfied EHR users get highlighted. This is probably true, because they’re the loudest. In fact, the reason I haven’t started an EHR vendor review site is because review sites tend to only be those that are really unsatisfied with the product or those who are asked to review by the vendor. The reality is that there’s the whole gamut of EHR satisfaction.

On that note, I thought it worth highlighting a comment I received from Eric R. Ashby, MD, FACS talking about his implementation of the PatientNOW EMR that’s designed specifically for cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and medical spas.

I am quite happy with the software and the transition from paper to EMR, and we have just scratched the surface. Patients are so impressed when I go into the exam room with a tablet computer. I am so impressed when I leave the room and click “File as Complete” and have no Paper work or dictation to do.

Now I’ll admit that I don’t know anything about PatientNOW’s EMR or Eric R. Ashby. However, Eric’s experience isn’t unique. There are many people who use an EMR and feel the same way. It’s just unfortunate the media (including myself to a certain extent) love to cover the EMR failures. I’ll see what I can do to also highlight the EMR successes as well.

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  • Perhaps “EMR and HIPPA” could gradually acquire information about the (quite numerous) known EMR providers and post the results in simple HTML tabular format. Readers would be encouraged to email missing entries, and to provide comments on listed providers, and these in turn would be used to enhance the provider list. (If such a list already exists, pardon my ignorance.)

    Even a list without (possibly offending) commentary would be useful as a quick reference to physicians who want to pick an EMR product. Hot links to each company’s site would of course be provided.

  • David,
    I’ve considered it a number of times. I’m just not sure how I’d scale it enough for it to be a useful resource considering I’m a one man band here on this site.

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