ARRA EHR Stimulus Money Poll Results

A few days ago, I posted a poll to try and gauge how readers of this site are approaching the billions of dollars in EHR stimulus money. It’s still early in the voting so if you haven’t voted already, go and share (anonymously) how your clinic is approaching the EHR stimulus money.

However, even this early it’s interesting to see the current results of the ARRA EHR Stimulus money poll which asks the question: How are you planning to approach the ARRA EHR stimulus money?

I’ll admit that I’m surprised by how many people voted for the “EHR Stimulus… or Bust” option. Although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I posted that EMR is About the Money.

What’s even more interesting is that 72% of those that voted are planning or hoping to get the EHR stimulus money. Looks like $18 billion in EHR stimulus is stimulating something.

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  • I don’t get the fascination with government incentives. The Congress use of the Federal tax code to create incentives is one of its primary tools. The process has gone so far that some complain that ANY conception of equity has been banished from the code. If EMR was ubiquitous and Federal incentives were used to tweak the manner of use within a vast landscape of utilization – that might be seen as over reaching. We all know we are far from there. It is true that some ideas look like good intentions on steroids. Cash-for-Clunkers is one. The thing is, it snapped a lot of people out of the trance of not making any economic choices, even ones which were in their interest. Some government programs don’t work. Some do. Why is it that so many feel empowered to hold every government program suspect? Most new businesses fail or sputter. I haven’t noticed a trend toward making fun of people starting their own business because they are likely to fail (and we would all be better off if the failure rate were lower). When it comes to the Stimulus for EMR, let’s put away the black brush for a while and get on with seeing what works.

  • We ask a similar question at:

    when we ask physicians to tell us what ‘features’ they are looking for.

    Just for confirmation, we also have just over 50% who care ‘a lot’ about the stimulus money. There is a tendency for physicians who are in specialties that tend to get compensated less highly to be more interested. I guess that isn’t any big surprise…


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