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Dr. Jeff recently posted a request for people to post their review of the EMR systems they’ve evaluated. I think the comments on that post were interesting to read. I found another such example on Scott Shreeve, MD’s blog where he does a short review of Greenway Technologies EMR. Here’s his review:

The traditional EHR vendors are getting more and more innovative with their marketing approach. Take note of the interesting email from a company that I actually respect for a solid product – Greenway Technologies (see below). I evaluated them very thoroughly in late 2008 and noted that they have a very solid, traditional system specifically tuned to the current quagmire in which physicians practice. They have a decent EMR, decent practice management, solid PHR, and an interesting twist on population management with their clinical research (glorified registry) functionality.

However, I couldn’t pull the trigger on them because they were tuned for the traditional. I didn’t see that they were leveraging the concept of the network, or their EHR as a platform, or that their UI technology was fluid or as modern as I wanted. I didn’t get a sense for the flexibility and freedom found in the notion of clinical groupware. And finally, I didn’t get the sense that they were going to take me to the next level. Please – don’t get me wrong,or attempt to outKLAS me, or bang on their numbers which are impressive. They are a solid player who will do well – but it wasn’t for me or the network of primary care clinics that I am wanting to build.

You should also go and read the rest of Scott’s post about Greenway Technologies creative EMR marketing techniques. I’ve seen the same thing happening as EMR vendors try and make sales.

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  • I need somebody from greenways direct to call me re: possible talks of prime suites installation in our office.

  • nageen,
    Have you tried contacting Greenways directly? I’m sure they’ll be happy to find someone to help you with the install.

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