Lies from Meaningful Use Consultants

Ok, I know I should see this coming and just expect it. However, it doesn’t make it any more right or me any more upset that this kind of shady practices occur.

Yes, today I received my first notification that some EMR Consultant…errr…should I say Meaningful Use consultant…err…should I say liar…was giving detailed recommendations to a practice on how to meet meaningful use. The sad part is that the practice didn’t know that nothing is final with meaningful use and may not be until middle of 2010 and so they were handing over their money.

Looks like I need to add meaningful use consultants to my list of Big Winners from the ARRA EHR stimulus money. Of course, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not likely to be the one being duped. So, tell your friends that we still don’t have a final rule for meaningful use or certified EHR. Anyone that tells you so should be kicked out of your office immediately.

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John Lynn

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  • John,

    I hope you had the opportunity to provide the practice with some current, accurate and updated information on Meaningful Use. As HIT professionals it is our rol to assist the Medical Practices and clinicians with accurate industry updates.


  • Mary,
    I actually heard it from another EMR consultant who is a good EMR consultant (albeit for a specific EMR). So, I’m quite sure he did.

    That said, I don’t know of any other website that does a better job informing people of current, accurate and updated information on Meaningful Use than this website;-) At least I try.

  • John,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. As an EMR assessment / selection consultant not associated with any vendor, I cringe when I hear and read stories like this. It gives consultants a bad name not to mention the damage and negative impact it has on the group itself. It makes the medical group very leery and cautious (rightfully so) the next time it desires to seek out a consultant or perhaps results in the medical group foregoing using a consultant all together if the group got burned bad enough.

    I know you mentioned this months ago in one of your blogs but with the Stimulus money for the taking, there are going to be those individuals who will take on the title of EMR Consultant for no other reason than their own financial gain. What is even worse is when established consulting firms/individuals conduct their business in this manner. And yes, this shady practice upsets me immensely regardless of the industry in which it is occurring. Medical groups will need to have their guard up.


  • John,

    Thank you for your post. It’s very much needed. The marketplace, already cluttered with hundreds of EMRs is being besmirched by these so-called “EMR Consultants.”

    Caveat emtpor!

    Best regards,

  • John,

    Here here. What’s even more common is that EHR vendors saying they have a certified EHR or even go as far as saying by having our certified EHR, you will meet meaningful use. I am a meaningful use consultant but I do it with integerity and honesty. Nothing is 100% finalized but I focus on educating what’s happening right now so that the physicians will at least have base knowledge to start making some intelligent decisions. If you heard some of the myths and confusing statements I hear day in and day out surrounding meaningful use, you would just get sick.

  • When it comes to Meaningful use criteria and/or guidelines it is best to contact your state–or if have a Regional Extension Center–they may be able to help–I work for one here in New York–the guidelines are changing and have been seen the onset of MU–we’ve been working with providers helping them to understand not only the core measures but how to apply them to the application in an everyday sense and more importantly in a way that will really impact the public health arena–thus truly making them meaningful users. Sorry to hear all the confusion–hope by now in 2011 that practice has had sufficient resources to get the help they truly needed. If not–they could always log onto our site at or
    Best Regards,
    Rachel C.

  • Rachel,
    Thanks for stopping by. No doubt we’ve learned a lot since August 25, 2009 when this post was created. Although, just based on the testimony given at a recent meeting about meaningful use, there’s still quite a bit of confusion.

    I agree that RECs do seem to have quite a bit of good information about meaningful use.

    I’m glad you’ve stopped by my blog and I hope you’ll participate in many of our discussions and share your knowledge.

  • Well this person must have had a rare experience, because quite frankly the people I work with are looking out for their customer’s best interest and if they can make a profit doing that, what’s wrong with that? In fact, I would rather make a profit helping customers save money and become more productive and eficient than just about any other way.

    So blog on, but please know your facts. There are good consultants and bad consultants, good people and bad people, it’s reality. Throwing the entire Meaningful Use consultants in one negative bag is nearsighted at best.

    The better practice would be to get some references first, like you would with anyone you do business with.

  • Brian,
    Sadly I don’t think it’s as rare as you describe. Sure, not all meaningful use consultants are this way, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there and whether purposeful or not, they’re leading a lot of people don’t the wrong road. That doesn’t throw all meaningful use consultants in one bag, but it should help someone be cautious of all consultants. Those are the facts.

  • Hi There,

    I am a certified EMR trainer on a particular system. I have noticed the confusion in the industry surrounding Meaningful Use and how to achieve it. I have assisted over 89 practices achieve and collect their checks for Meaningful Use stage I between October 2011 and April 2012. Meaningful Use stage II is fast approaching but nothing is etched in stone yet.
    Let me know if there are any stage I issues I can assist in clarifying for you.
    Rick Holm

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