Bill Gates Talks About Electronic Medical Records and Healthcare

From an Interview with Bill Gates of Microsoft. Some of his views about electronic medical records and healthcare. See complete article.

Mr. Gates was also critical of the United States government’s unwillingness to adopt a national identity card, or allow some businesses, like health care, to centralize data-keeping on individuals. “It has always come back to the idea that ‘The computer knows too much about you,’ ” he said. The United States “got off to a bad start” when it comes to using computers to keep data about its citizens, he said. Doctors are not allowed to share records about an individual patient, and virtual doctor visits are banned, he said, which “wastes a lot of money.” The United States “had better come up with a better model” for health care, he said.

I agree and disagree with Mr. Gates. We need more data sharing and more interoperability BUT confidentiality IS an important issue. Just look at how the drug tests became public about Major League Baseball Players when they were PROMISED it would be strictly confidential!!!! I don’t trust big government or big business. Question: How do you tell an attorney or politician or corporate executive are lying? Answer: Their lips or moving or their fingers are typing!

We have to make sure medical information about individuals remains confidential and remains in the control of the individual.