Evaluations of AllScripts EMR

I just ran into a Urologist who purchased an EMR. His group decided to get Allscripts because they knew Urologists who liked it. They also heard that Allscripts had very good support.

I have heard that Allscripts’ EMR is not very user-friendly. Their ePrescribing solution is well liked, but from my reading of the blogs, their EMR is not well liked.

Does anyone use Allscripts EMR? How do you like it?

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  • As I have said before, Allscripts is contributing to the death of the practice of medicine. My patients are not clicks or little boxes or searchable data. Specialists HATE the way my office notes look on printout. They are bland, and without specificity. Whoever wrote the exam portions knows NOTHING about anything on an exam. I spend most of my time clicking the minimal number of boxes to keep the govt happy and then free texting the actual exam – the real description – the meat and potatoes of what I see – the reality that individualizes the patient so it doesn’t look like a govt form. I can type faster than the system works. Allscripts is an awful product.

  • Allscripts still bites. Plain and simple.
    Having been a PA for more than 20 years and experiencing many EHRs – Allscripts is by far the worst.
    We are about to update to version 13 – great, lucky number.
    Their “upgrades and updates” NEVER work. Always costs us 1-2 days of functionality.
    Yesterday – ascribe quit working – just stopped.
    I hate Allscripts and would actually make future job decisions with the type of EHR the practice uses as a decision making tool.
    All the new govt changes in Medicine are bad enough – tack on a really crummy product and my professional life is miserable.
    Avoid Allscripts at all costs.

  • I’ve worked in the medical industry for 25+ years & Allscripts is BY FAR the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Their product is poor, time consuming & clunky to use. It requires 2 different products to function in an average office (EHR & PM) the interface between the 2 is horrible. The software itself is full of glitches & the items it produces (office notes, reports, etc.) look unprofessional & elementary. “Updates” are a nightmare & always involve at least 1-2 days of the entire system being down.

    Customer support is VERY expensive & VERY poor. Allscripts hires the majority of their customer service staff in India. They have minimal knowledge of the software & even worse English language skills. Complaints on this are ignored.

    Allscripts #1 goal is making money for upper management. Not a good product or customer service. They’re classic “used-car-type” salesmen. They’ll make you a lot of promises to get your money. When the promises & their product turn out to be junk, they’ll try to sell you some more stuff, give you the run around & ultimately ignore you.

  • What you describe reminds me of typical computer support, especially from a company like HP, these days. Script readers in India, many of whom know English language words but have little knowledge of speaking it or listening to it.

    In contrast, I just bought a new camera from Canon. I’ve had someone senior at Canon USA help me learn how to use it, explain new features and answer questions. In fact, I’ve been dealing with the same person for 23 plus years. Since he first helped me, I’ve stayed loyal to Canon and spent a fair amount of money with them. A recent camera repair took under a week and the camera came back cleaner then I can ever remember it.

    The difference – one company cares about product quality and service – the other doesn’t. And while the stakes are not very high with a personal camera, they are huge with an EHR, yet this vendor clearly doesn’t understand that.

  • Allscripts is unbelievably bad. It is not user friendly or intuitive. It crashes at least once or twice every day and I’m tired of calling the IT department to try to get it fixed. EMR’s in general are still in the stone age of software development. There are many great software programs available today and I wish one of those development teams would apply their expertise to EMR. The work we do as health professionals is challenging enough and to be burdened by poor performing EMR software is a sad but true reality.

  • My comments are based on nearly two years of use of Allscripts Pro EHR. This “Cadillac of the clunkers” has caused many headaches and much heartburn over that time.

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