IBM vs DEC – XLEMR vs AllScripts

The products and services offered in nearly every industry, at their outset, are so complicated and expensive that only people with a lot of money can afford them, and only people with a lot of expertise can provide or use them … At some point, however, these industries were transformed, making their products and services so much more affordable and accessible that a much larger population of could purchase them, and people with less training could competently provide them and use them … To illustrate how these enablers of disruptive innovation (technology enabler, business model innovation, value network) can combine to transform a high-cost, expertise-intensive product into one that is much more affordable and simple, let’s briefly review how it transformed digital computing … By coupling the technological and business model enablers , IBM transformed the computing industry and much of the world with it, while DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) was swept away. [Dr. Jeff’s Note: read up on computers to see how this will happen with healthcare IT. We don’t have to accept the complex, expensive, unusable systems currently available. They will be replaced by better systems we can all use happily].

(The information above was taken from Clayton M. Christensen’s new book, The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, Introduction pp. xix-xxi. )

I believe that this is happening with EMRs right now! We now have certain EMRs which are easy to use, simple to learn, affordable and effective. These EMRs will sweep away the complex, expensive clunkers put out by most EMR companies.

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  • Clayton M. Christensen’s new book, The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care is a great book. A must read for anyone thinking about fixing our healthcare system. Unlike Obama and his idiot Chicago Mobsters, Christensen is very thoughtful and “surgical” in his approach. His view is to take our excellent system, which has its flaws, and make it better by attacking specifc problems with access, efficiency and quality.

    Obama’s solution is a government take over which promises to be a disaster! The government can’t even run a “cash for clunkers” program. How are they going to run a complex system like our Healthcare System.

    BTW, Nancy Polosi is a big BITCH! Just thought I would get in that gratuitous comment because I hate her so much!

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