What Did You Like About the EMR You Evaluated?

Have you recently evaluated an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)? Tell us one thing you liked about it OR one thing you did not like about it. Which EMR did you evaluate?

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Dr. Jeff


  • I just looked at Greenway PrimeSuite. I liked the fact that it was completely turnkey. It had all the functionality you could possible want, including a patient portal. I also thought their training and support were outstanding. They understand that you have to take the time and make the effort to really learn the system in order to use it to its full potential. I am looking forward to continueing my relationship with them to see if they are the system that I decide to get. Right now, they are definitely at the top of my list. I am also looking at a few others systems. I will post my impressions as I continue the process with Greenway and look at the others.

  • I have been looking at SOAPware. I really like how they document the note. Their “pick lists” learn your style! The choices you pick most commonly are right at the top and easy to find. Documenting a note with their drop down menus, pick lists and templates is quick and intuitive. They also are very flexible so you can use this method, enter free text or dictate. So far I really like SOAPware.

  • SRSsoft has an incredible Document Management System. Going from document to document is very quick. You can check lab reports, test results and consultation report very quickly. There are no templates or drop down menus. You either write your note and scan it into the system or you dictate your note and have it imported as a document. From the clinical summary which includes allergies, medication, past medical history and demographic information, you can ePrescribe, write orders, use messaging and tasking and you can track and produce reports for pay-for-performance or quality improvment. The way the system tracks and displays Health Maintenance and Chronic Problem Care is really nice. This system is different than lots of other EMRs. It is worth checking out, especially if you are a doctor who wants to keep writing or dictating.

  • It is interesting that most systems like ours do so many things for optimizing office work flow of many rolls within a Health Clinic. So when we hear about the benefits or experience obviously we have to keep in mind the roll this person has within an organization.

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