A Great EMR Survey from AAFP

Some of the best and most objective information about EMRs comes from the Center for Health IT at the American Academy of Family Practice. Real doctors who have purchased EMRs rate their EMR in 5 different categories: Quality, Value, Usability, Productivity and Support.

This report is ONLY available to members of the AAFP. I think if the AAFP really wanted to do all of us a big favor, they would release this report to anyone who is interested in seeing it. I don’t understand why they are keeping it secret.

It is going to be very difficult for doctors to find a good EMR because there are so many EMRs and so many “bad” EMRs (hard to use, reduce productivity, expensive). Starting with this survey can help doctors start their EMR search on the right foot.

Contact the AAFP and ask them if you can get a copy of their report.

Center for Health IT

Hopefully they will have our great Healthcare System’s best interest at heart. By making this report available to all doctors, they can help us all get “good” EMRs that are usable and high in quality.

If you are a doctor looking for an EMR, start your search with a few EMRs that get good ratings in this survey.

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Dr. Jeff


  • I like some of what they’ve done. The only real problem I have with this report is that they don’t have enough doctors rating an EMR to be able to really give you high quality ratings for an EMR company.

    Plus, you have to wonder how many people have gamed this ratings system. It’s likely that only those that have had a really good experience or a really bad experience will rate them. Or those that have been asked to by the EMR vendor;-)

    Either way, it’s an interesting start in narrowing down the choices.

  • At least you get to see the systems that got bad ratings and you don’t have to waste your time with these systems.

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