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A couple weeks ago I attended the HIMSS virtual conference. I must admit that I mostly wanted to attend to interact with people. One of the more interesting things I found while interacting with some of the vendors was the price that the various vendors paid to be able to exhibit at the HIMSS virtual conference. I should have known the price would be high, but it was quite astonishing to me.

With one vendor in particular we talked about the price they paid and my quick back of the paper calculation showed that for the same price of having a “second floor” exhibit at the HIMSS virtual conference that vendor could advertise on EMR and HIPAA for about three years. That’s right. 2 days at a virtual conference or 3 years on a website targeted to EMR.

Virtual Booth at HIMSS = 5 Million+ Targeted Ad Impressions

Yes, this post is kind of a way to talk about advertising on EMR and HIPAA. However, I think it also gives some interesting perspective for EMR and EHR vendors that are trying to market their product. Certainly there are lots of channels that could be used, but I think advertising on this site is one of them.

I must admit that the pricing HIMSS is charging has made me think about what I charge for advertising on EMR and HIPAA. However, I don’t see me drastically changing my prices. My goal with advertisers has always been to try and provide them value for the dollars their spending. I figure if I do that, then they’ll keep renewing and life will be good. Luckily, they have been renewing and life is good.

Now I just wonder how many years of advertising an EMR vendor would get compared to the cost of a booth at the HIMSS annual conference. Reminds me of the open source EMR Medsphere Bus picture from HIMSS next to the Cerner Semi Truck.

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