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The healthcare IT airwaves are abuzz with the date of June 16th.  That’s the date that they say we should get more indications on how the government is going to define the all important term “meaningful use.”  Here’s a short quote from John Halamka about the meaningful use dates:

On June 16th, the Quality workgroup will receive meaningful use guidance from the HIT Policy Committee. We’ll work hard over the following week and will present our strawman standards, implementation guidance, and certification criteria at the June 23rd public meeting of the HIT Standards Workgroup. We’ll continue to refine the matrix in July and complete our work in August.

John Halamka also described the format for the HIT Standards Committee’s meaningful use document:

On the call we discussed that the HIT Policy Committee will review a draft of meaningful use criteria at its June 16th meeting. Once this draft is delivered to the HIT Standards Committee, its workgroups can review the standards and certification criteria which map to meaningful use. Imagine a 4 column table

Column 1 – An aspect of meaningful use i.e. e-Prescribing

Column 2 – The standards and implementation guidance needed for meaningful use i.e. NCPDP Script 10.5 and RxNorm as implemented in the HITSP Capability document “Issue Ambulatory and Long-term Prescriptions”

Column 3 – The certification criteria i.e. Conformance testing using the CCHIT Laika tool for appropriate implementation of NCPDP Script 10.5

Column 4 – The meaningful use measure i.e. what percentage of prescriptions in a practice were e-prescribed?

The above examples are illustrative only – they are not work products of any committee.

Certainly we’re going to get some more information and fodder for discussion about the term “meaningful use” and it’s implications for EHR stimulus money. I’d just caution people from looking too deep into the document we receive on June 16th. As is said above, there’s still a few more committees that need to meet to refine this document.

I do encourage people to provide feedback and commentary on the June 16th document. I’ll be looking around to find the best avenues for people to communicate any comments on the document. If you know of any avenues to share your feelings on “meaningful use” please let everyone know in the comments.

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