CCHIT Certification Poll Follow Up

Back in February I posted a poll asking the question “Which EHR certification criteria should HHS use for the HITECH Act?” Of course, at the core of the question is whether HHS, ONC, David Blumenthal and co. should use CCHIT certification as the “certified EHR” criteria for obtaining EHR stimulus money. Here’s a look at the results from the poll:
Poll Question: Which EHR certification criteria should HHS use for the HITECH Act?

I will grant you that this website probably has a bit of a readership bias against CCHIT. However, there are also a lot of CCHIT certified EHR vendors who read this blog and so that would certainly bias the voting the other direction.

With that disclaimer, I think that this poll shows a real growing trend to people wanting an alternative EHR certification to CCHIT. I’m sure that CCHIT will be one option, but I hope that the government provides another option besides CCHIT for those wanting EHR stimulus money.

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  • The change in healthcare to be achieved is defined by the level of efficacy, efficiency and cost reduction that must be attained to end the unbalancing effect it has on the national life. The providers and the health systems of which they are a part, begin this transition from different places with different capabilities. In moving along their own trajectories, the EHR facilities they will require will be different and will change in different ways. Any monolithic certification process would serve only as an impediment to this process. As long as they participate equally in both the give and the take of health information exchange, with information leaving when called and showing up when needed, how it gets where it is supposed to be doesn’t matter. You might as well audit the workings of a clock. Who cares what is inside as long as it tells time?

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