Reasons EHR Companies Use to Get You To Buy an EHR Now

EHR adoption has been really slowed by the passing of the $18 in EHR stimulus money. However, that doesn’t stop the EHR companies from doing everything they can to get doctors to purchase an EHR now. Here’s a couple of examples of what EHR companies are saying to try and get doctors to purchase their EHR. Of course, I’ll add in my thoughts after the reasons to buy an EHR now!

Reason #1: Move quickly to get in before the EHR deployment back-log!
Certainly there are are a number of EHR companies that already have a tremendous backlog of EHR implementations. I’ve heard of people having to schedule their EHR training out 6 months or more, because the EHR company didn’t have any EHR trainers available for 6 months. This is certainly a nice problem to have as an EHR company. However, it’s a tremendous pain for a doctor wanting to implement the EHR.

One point of view is that the EHR company is so good that everyone wants it and so that’s why there’s a tremendous backlog on the implementation side. Let me offer another alternative point of view. Possibly that EHR company is just run poorly and isn’t doing a good job managing their company’s growth. If it’s a problem getting an EHR implementation date because they don’t have enough staff, then you better think really hard about how quickly that same EHR company will respond to your support and enhancement requests.

Reason #2: You won’t be ready to show “meaningful use” of your EHR software.
Certainly this is not beyond the realm of possibilities even if I think there will be a delay in EHR stimulus money. I also wouldn’t encourage people to stop even looking at EMR companies. Instead, I would suggest a more reasoned approach.

Why not start researching, demoing and learning about the various EHR companies that are out there. Regardless of the HITECH act, there were already tremendous pressures to adopt an EHR. I don’t yet see a major need to purchase an EHR tomorrow or you’re going to be without any EHR stimulus money. However, I do think it would be a mistake to delay the EHR company evaluation process. The more you learn about various EHR companies, EHR selection and EHR implementation the more likely you are to eventually glean the benefits of implementing an EHR successfully.

Of course, if you’re reading this blog about EMR and EHR, then I’m probably preaching to the choir. Maybe you could share this idea with your colleagues who are sitting on the fence.

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