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I was thinking about the over 400 EMR vendors I have listed on my site and on the EMR and EHR matrix of companies (shameless plug). With that many EMR vendors, I have to assume that every one of them has a solid reason why they’re better than other EMR vendors. At least it seems logical that they should have at least some “killer feature” that sets their EMR apart from the other 400 choices out there.

This got me to thinking that I’d love to hear EMR vendors make the case for their killer feature(s). Let’s hear you make the case for your EMR in the comments or submit it to our Contact Us page. Those features that catch my eye will be featured on this site with a link to your EMR company.

I expect that most killer features will need at least a small paragraph to explain why it’s killer. Although, I’m not looking for a dissertation on your EMR features either. Imagine we’re in an elevator and you only have the elevator ride to tell me what makes your EMR unique. Give me a reason to tell everyone about your EMR company.

Here’s a simple example:
My current EMR company has kiosk software that allows patients to fill out all the required paperwork electronically and check them in for the appointment with no interaction with the front desk. Forms can be scheduled to expire so that HIPAA privacy forms can be refreshed if changes are made. Electronic signatures (like you do at Walmart) can also be done on all the forms that normally require a signature on paper. This feature saves not only front desk time, but also prevents having to scan all of the paperwork later.

That’s far from a perfect example, but I think you can see that patient self check in kiosks and electronic signature pads are a killer feature.

Let’s hear what feature sets your EMR above the pack?

UPDATE: Big bonus points for anyone who provides a video demo of their killer EMR feature.

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John Lynn

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  • Claudio,
    No doubt that usability could be a killer feature. However, I don’t want to just hear that it’s usable. I want to hear how it’s usable. Take one specific part of your EMR and explain what makes it so usable. That would be a good example of a killer feature.

    Certainly each EMR should have a number of killer features if they want to sell their software.

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