Medscribbler Announces Open Source Tablet EMR

I recently became aware of a new open source tablet EMR that was going to be offered by Medscribbler. Everyone that reads this blog should know that I’m a huge fan of open source (see my previous posts about open source EMR). It’s about time that a really strong tablet based EMR software was available as open source software.

Open source EMR purists will probably be a little disgruntled that Medscribbler is built on top of other technologies which are not completely open source. However, I give them a pass for now since the open source community has so far failed to deliver very good tablet based software.

You can find more information about the free Medscribbler EMR software here or at their sourceforge page. The following is the official press release announcement:

Medscribbler is released as an Open Source electronic medical record

Scriptnetics, the leader in Tablet PC mobile healthcare applications, will announce Monday its release of the proprietary source code for Medscribbler electronic medical record, EMR, to the open source community. Installable components and the code for programmers are available at the globally recognized open source portal,

“Releasing a Medscribbler Open Source EMR is the next logical step to drive the innovation that is needed to get to a point where the majority of physicians and other health care providers take up electronic medical records,” said Michael Milne, Chief Executive Officer of Scriptnetics. “We hope to encourage a stable, widely available and affordable entry level EMR that uses cutting edge technology with the mobility of the Tablet PC,” he continued.

To provide focus and stability to move the project forward Scriptnetics has assigned programmers to manage and contribute new programming code on a regular basis. Other programmers wanting to contribute but needing help in understanding the considerable amount of code that already exists can access live help and support. For programmers looking to maximize their skills, project suggestions are posted in a forum.

The new Open Source EMR is called Medscribbler Community and is the first vertical, enterprise level open source project to be designed specifically for handwriting recognition on the Tablet PC. Medscribbler Community is already being used by many healthcare providers both in stand alone computer situations and client server multi computer offices. This cutting edge EMR is also being used in Internet WAN mobile remote access situations.

Scriptnetics is the largest vendor of penable Tablet PC designed medical software in the world. The company’s flagship product, Medscribbler, has been distributed since 2003 and is being used by healthcare providers in the United States and Canada. Its offices are located in Wilmington, Delaware and Moncton, New Brunswick. and

SourceForge’s web sites connect millions of technology professionals and enthusiasts each day. Combining user-developed content, online marketplaces and e-commerce, SourceForge is the global technology community’s information exchange network and the world’s largest open source software development and distribution environment. Its offices are located in Mountainview, California.

For more information on Medscribbler Community see: and

Press Contacts:
Michael Ferguson
(506) 859-9271

Full Disclosure: Medscribbler is a an advertiser on EMR and HIPAA.

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  • “being built upon other technologies”

    You are probably referring to MS SQL Express. We actually have a Medscribbler Community on MySQL that we will be adding to the code base. But for a good stable usable Medscribbler for an user install downloaded from Sourceforge we thought it more important to start with this as most will just install not help with the programming. Any programmers out there want to take the MySQL and MS Express versions and make the changes for MySQL only?

  • Michael,
    That’s good to know. MySQL would actually be a good upgrade from MS SQL Express and not just because it’s open source, but because it’s a better database.

    My comment was more to the open source purists who want everything to be done using open source. That include a variety of things from the Windows Tablet software to the back end database. Personally I think you use the software that provides the most value regardless of cost. Granted, when the software’s free, it’s a small hump to have something free provide value.

  • Quick update: One of my programmers actually just told me he already put the MySQL data set up and there is a switch to use it instead of Express – someone just needs to compile it and test. You mention value – unlike a lot of OS Medscribbler Community is a “fully baked” program that is in use daily by numerous doctors.

  • “Open Source purists” – I think maybe you mean Linux vs Windows. I have been expermenting with Linux for years -problem is we have enough trouble with the average user and Windows. The “geeks” who insist it is easier, better etc. are that “geeks” not users who buy their computers at Dell or Best Buy. With that said the only EMR ranked higher on Sourceforge right now (and we haven’t actually announced yet) is OSCAR – a great linux EMR – developed by a close friend of mine Dr David Chan.

  • MySQL is a nice upgrade. I was thinking that I should add the Database to my column of information on my matrix of EHR and EMR companies. It really does matter.

    I agree completely. I heard about 5 years ago that the linux desktop was ready for primetime and widescale adoption. I feel like I’m a pretty technical person and using a linux desktop is an option for me, but would make me lose productivity in the process. Imagine what it must be like for the “Dell”/”Best Buy” computer buyers of the world.

    Add in linux’s poor support of tablet and Medscribbler users will be using windows for a long time to come.

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