CCHIT Head Mark Leavitt Interviewed at HIMSS

This is basically the second part in a 3 part series of video interviews by Matthew Holt. This interview was at HIMSS of the heat of CCHIT Mark Leavitt. This video is a little long and dry, but it gives you a feeling of Mark Leavitt and his motivations with CCHIT.

To read my comments on CCHIT, then just read this whole blog. My short takes from the video:
CCHIT is looking at ways to measure usability.
CCHIT is looking at ways to measure successful EHR implementations.
My comment: Only took 4 years to start looking.

Mark Leavitt did state that CCHIT’s goal was to “reduce the risk of buying an EHR.” If that’s the goal, I’m a little surprised they aren’t measuring the results of this. Where’s the data that implementing a CCHIT certified EHR is any less risky than a non-certified EHR?

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