AthenaHealth CEO Jon Bush Awesome Interview at HIMSS

In the final interview by Matthew Holt at HIMSS, Jon Bush knocks it out of the park. Jon Bush is CEO of AthenaHealth and one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve seen. He agrees with me on CCHIT, but that wasn’t even the best part of the interview. Definitely a breathe of fresh air in the HIT and EHR world. Check out the video interview:

My favorite John Bush quote from the interview: “These legacy [EHR] systems have to die.”

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  • A firm that makes its money by billing patients faster and is run by a Bush cousin smacks of all that is wrong with the financial sector. There is NO stimulus money for billing software and this guy is nothing more then a high tech used car salesman.

    Okay a little harsh? Well lets see patient centered? no Transparency? no Higher Quality? no. Value to the system? nope just greed.

  • I should clarify that I know very little about Jon Bush personally or his company. What I do know is that this video is very entertaining and much of what he says about IT in healthcare is spot on. Whether he is able to deliver on his rhetoric I have no clue. I just know he raises some important points of consideration for healthcare IT.

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  • Boston has so many cool things for those working in healthcare. Then, I remember how much it costs to live there and think Las Vegas is fine for now.

    Paul, are they planning to stream the event on or something? I’d love to participate remotely on my computer and of course on twitter.

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