North Dakota Hospital Uses Social Media to Communicate

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of social media. I live it and love it. I honestly think that’s one reason why this blog has done so well. So, I was really interested to see how Innovis, a hospital in North Dakota, was using Twitter and blogs.

I’ll let their work speak for themselves. Here’s links to their Twitter stream and wordpress blog.

I think we’re still at the beginning of how we’re going to be able to use various social media tools in health care. I know I’ve connected to people in amazing ways lately. I think that’s the real power of social media tools like Twitter. It connects people that wouldn’t have met otherwise. Many people go to conferences to connect with people. Twitter is like a virtual ongoing conference where you can meet people with like interests. The best part is that we’re really only at the beginning of what technology is going to do to connect people together.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • John,
    You are right on point with Twitter and WordPress. I use both for my business. WordPress is so amazing and so easy. I have minimal IT knowledge (learning more everyday though) and I am really just a good old fashioned salesman. Starting a WordPress blog to use as an additional resource for my customers was so easy. Twitter and WordPress are great tools that can be a real benefit to growing business and traffic.

  • I’ve seen what you’ve done Erik and you can tell you’ve seen what I’ve seen. The tools are really quite incredible.

  • John,
    I work in Public Relations at a small community hospital. I’m in the process of writing a social media plan for the organization for the very reasons you’ve mentioned. Just in case your readers are interested, I’ve been using some amazing research compiled by

    Keep up the writing!

  • Andy,
    You’re right that the research on that site is amazing. Who would have thought that so many hospitals were using social media. Thanks for pointing it out.

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