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I recently posted about CCHIT joining Twitter. Seems like a decent number of EMR and HIPAA readers are also on Twitter, because I’ve been getting a pretty good number of new followers in the HIT and EMR field.

As my 1423 followers and 2302 updates prove, I like Twitter a lot and really enjoy the way it can help people to connect (I’m techguy if you want to follow me). It’s really quite amazing how 140 characters could turn out to be so valuable and to a wide variety of markets too.

What was really interesting is I recently saw 2 EMR companies join the Twitter revolution: eMDs and NextGen. I think that it’s really smart for an EMR company to join the conversation. At least if it’s done right. So far they only have 8 tweets and 41 tweets respectively. It will be interesting to see how these 2 EMR vendors use twitter over time.

I tweeted one of these companies the following tweet, “How do you plan on using Twitter? Do you have a plan or are you just testing the waters?”

Their response was, “We’re just getting started, but hope to expand communication w/ customers & others in the industry & connect w/ the EHR community”

One thing is certain, we’re just seeing the beginning of what’s possible with Twitter. It’s going to be really fun to see what creative people are able to do with twitter and healthcare.

If you know of other EHR vendors or other important HIT people on twitter, please let me know in the comments.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • I recently joined twitter to use it as a resource for my customers. It really is a powerful tool. I like how I can build a network of people specific to the EMR or EHR industry. I’m sure I can do a better job utilizing it, right now I just post jobs there to get more views for my customers.

  • Twitter is a powerful way to connect people. I also love how you can build a network of people from a certain industry. Only problem is that if I had one twitter account for each industry I’m in, I’d kill myself trying to manage the various industries. So I have them all lumped together and so some people will have to just “suffer” through unrelated tweets on occasion.

    Although, I must admit that the random tweet is part of the fun of Twitter. Kind of makes the people real.

  • It’s amazing the pub sites like Twitter and Facebook are getting lately. Our company, Integrated Healthcare Solutions, just joined Twitter as well. We are a small tech company currently building an interoperability application suite called InteliChart. We’re hoping to connect with other leaders in the industry as well as establish ourselves as leaders in healthcare interoperability. You can find us on Twitter as ihsolutions.

  • Jeff,
    You’re a brave soul to try and crack the interoperability nut. Twitter is a great way to connect and learn from other smart people.

  • Have had user @WorldMedCard on twitter 1.5+ years. We look to empower users around the world with secure, free service for online PHR. Have custom branded our product for sites ranging from Dental websites to NewsPaper companies looking to get on the bandwagon.

    Parent company since 2002 providing simple, easy to use internet technology that brought novel diagnostic technology to the clinician. We have sought to empower patients and people with the most advanced medical technology available regardless of their geographic location. In the upcoming months we will be taking the next step, in fulfilling our mission of empowerment. We will be merging the core technologies in our Avicenna telemedicine suite to our `World Health Record` product.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Interesting site. Looks like you’re in a really tough market with the behemoth Microsoft and Google now. Should be interesting to see how the PHR market plays out. Nice use of Twitter. It’s great.

    Also, for those interested I started a new twitter account, @ehrandhit, that I’m using to track all of my favorite HIT and EMR websites. You can find it:

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