CCHIT Certification as Default Certification

Many people have said that CCHIT is going to be the certification chosen by HHS as the “certified EHR” described in the HITECH act.  While I wish that it wasn’t the case, I really can’t argue that it won’t be.  As one of my readers commented, “Do you really think that the government is going to throw away millions of dollars invested in CCHIT?”  My answer was, “No, but they should.”

So, yes I do believe that sooner or later we’re going to hear CCHIT announced as the certification criteria for getting EHR stimulus money despite reasons CCHIT shouldn’t be the EHR certification criteria.

Even with CCHIT as the EHR certification, that doesn’t diminish the value of spreading information about CCHIT so that doctors aren’t left out in the dark. Just because CCHIT certification will be established as the certification criteria for the HITECH act, that doesn’t necessarily mean that doctors have to accept a CCHIT certified EHR or the money from the HITECH act. Doctor’s are still in the position to be able to decide if the HITECH act money is worth getting a CCHIT certified EHR over some other EHR.  As an example, I think many specialists may choose this route.

I should also say that I don’t necessarily think that ALL CCHIT certified EHR are junk.  Just a lot of them.  It’s also important to say, there’s plenty of non certified EHR that are junk as well.  Yes, junk is the technical term.

If you’re making a decision to implement an EHR, then just make sure it’s based on sound principles and not just chasing government money or some other false incentive.  Nothing pains me more than to read examples of failed EHR implementations.

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