My Article on Understanding the Types of EHR Consultants

I mentioned previously that I was working on an article about EHR consultants. I wanted to sincerely thank all those people who commented on EHR consultants and sent me feedback on things I should include in my article.

As you’ll see, I used a lot of the feedback that you gave me to form the article. That’s really the power of the internet to bring a bunch of bright people together to create something of far greater value than I could have created on my own. Thank you for your feedback.

I’m told the Magazine has been sent to the presses and those of you who get MDNG magazine will see my article soon (hopefully someone will get one to me). The cool thing is that my article is the cover story for the February issue of MDNG.

For those that don’t want to wait for the magazine or don’t get the magazine, my article on EHR consultants has already been posted online. It’s called: Does Your EHR Consultant Have Your Best Interests in Mind?

Let me know what you think about it.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Your assertion that Mark Leavitt may be related to Mike Leavitt is unfounded and destroys your credibility. You’re drifting from the issues and making ad hominem attacks.

    Just Google “Mark Leavitt” “Mike Leavitt” “no relation” and you will find plenty of references saying so.

    For someone who claims to do a lot of homework, you slipped up on this one.

  • B Smart,
    I assume you meant to post your comment on instead of this one.

    If you read the whole post, you’ll see that I’m not making any attacks at all. I’m just linking to other people’s comments being made. I plainly state that not all of it is accurate, but a number of points are worth investigating.

    Plus, if you read the entire post you’ll see that it says that “Mark Leavitt” and “Mike Leavitt” aren’t related at least 3 different places. So, please don’t act like I didn’t do my homework. I even request at the end for people to point me to other sources so I could add those as well.

    As far as “drifting from the issues,” I think I hit the biggest issues on head at the top of the post when I said, “[CCHIT]’s expensive, doesn’t measure EHR usability (despite the impression that it does), and really feels like a coalition of big EHR companies trying to secure their position in the EHR world despite having often inferior products.”

    Hope this better helps you understand my position. Also, I think I’m going to move both of these comments to the correct post.

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