AllScripts Market Share and HITECH

I recently found an interesting post about AllScripts market share after the acquisition of Misys last year.

Based on recent research, Allscripts is estimated to own about 21% of market share for the practice management system space. Further, of the 18% or so of medical providers who have adopted electronic health records, Allscripts has around 17% of that market.

17% of the EHR market is pretty huge. Congratulations AllScripts. I previously posted a really cool viral EHR video by AllScripts. I really like things like this that AllScripts is doing. It’s nice that a technology company is using technology to encourage EHR adoption.

I have been a little soured towards AllScripts after I posted about AllScripts CEO being a HIT advisor to Obama. I just can’t comprehend how an EHR vendor can think that’s not a conflict of interest. I don’t know how Obama can’t understand what that looks like from the outside looking in.

Today I got on the AllScripts conference call to hear AllScripts take on HITECH. I won’t post all my thoughts on the experience (too many to list here), but myself (@techguy) and John Moore (also check out John’s blog) were both twittering during the call and the following are some of the tweets we made as we listened to the Allscripts CEO address HITECH and CCHIT:

@techguy tweeted: AllScripts: [HITECH] Huge win for EHR industry…I agree that the EHR vendors are going to profit greatly from this $18 billion

@john_chilmark tweeted: Tullman now giving High Praise to CCHIT – logical, in his interests, not necessarily the mkt. CCHIT cert doesn’t equate to data liquidity

@techguy tweeted: @john_chilmark You like how he said that CCHIT would probably be the certification criteria. Of course AllScripts wants that to happen.

@john_chilmark tweeted: AllScripts now stating that CCHIT cert will help winnowing out the mkt – Yes, leaving mostly legacy stuff behind

@techguy tweeted: Man, the AllScripts discussion on CCHIT is just killing me. Full of misinformation about CCHIT EHR certification benefits.

@john_chilmark tweeted: @techguy CCHIT/AllScripts conv driving me nuts as well, loads of mis-information

@john_chilmark tweeted: AllScripts: Nutty, not like docs won’t use tech if there is a true value in adoption- to date, EMR vendors have not demonstrated such value

@john_chilmark tweeted: AllScripts claims that $$$ is now available is disingenuous. True, prob need to make decision soon to demonstrate meaningful use of EMR

@john_chilmark tweeted: With so many questions left unanswered, eg, what is certified, what is meaningful, will wise docs sit back and wait to see? Could stall mkt

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