Selecting a Microphone for Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10

Choosing a microphone is one of the most important decisions you can make when implementing a speech recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10. Thanks to Eric over at Speech Recognition I’ve gotten some interesting information about a microphone called the PowerMic II. Looks like it’s a microphone on steroids. Definitely one other microphone to consider when selecting a microphone to use with voice recognition software. Here’s an overview of the PowerMic II utilized with Dragon Medical 10 thanks to 1450, Inc. with commentary by Jay Goodfellow.

The PowerMic II is a speech recognition microphone designed to be used with Dragon Medical 10.

However, the PowerMic II is much more than a hand held microphone. It is a powerful tool that enhances a physician’s control of dictation and navigation through documents, templates, electronic medical records and other applications. It has been designed specifically to be utilized with Dragon Medical 10, and the extraordinarily tight integration shows that to be true.

Not only does the PowerMic II have full mouse functionality, but there are 10 function keys that are programmable to provide practically any operation that a physician might want to do on his/her computer.

Yes, you can already use Dragon Medial 10 to do almost anything you want to on your computer by voice. However, using the PowerMic II and Dragon Medical, you substantially enhance your ability to do essentially anything you’d like on your computer, using the more convenient method at that moment: voice or function button.

The PowerMic II is designed to be fully functional with Dragon Medical 10 only. Dragon Preferred 10, Professional 10, and Legal 10 are not capable of using all of the programmable PowerMic II features.

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