CCHIT 2008 Ambulatory EHR Certifications

UPDATE: Read more about CCHIT on EMR and HIPAA.

Since I’m so interested in the EMR and EHR space, I’m always interested when the new list of companies is published of who has passed the CCHIT Ambulatory EHR certification. Not because I think the certification really means much. I’m more interested to see which EMR companies are spending the money to become and maintain certification.

Take a look at the list:
Community Computer Service Inc.

eClinicalWorks 8.0

Epic Systems Corporation
EpicCare Ambulatory EMR Spring 2008

Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.
PrimeSuite 2008

McKesson Provider Technologies
Practice Partner 9.3

MedLink International, Inc
MedLink TotalOffice 3.1

MedPlexus, Inc.
MedPlexus EHR

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.
NextGen EMR 5.5.27

Pulse Systems
Pulse Patient Relationship Management 4.1

VIP Medicine LLC
SmartClinic 16

Interesting that only 10 companies are on the list considering the over 400 EMR companies I have listed. Plus, I’m sure my list is not complete by any means. That’s another project I’m working on that I hope to announce in the not so distant future.

Doesn’t certifying only 2.5% of the EMR companies out there pretty much make that certification useless. I hope people aren’t being wowed by the certification. I’m also not saying that all of the EHR companies on the list are bad “jabba the hut” EHR companies either. My point is to remind people that CCHIT certification doesn’t test usability of a system. So, EHR buyer be ware!!

I also love how most of the EHR companies listed have a child health component. I wonder if most of those on the list just did the certification this year so they could get the child health EHR certification. Hard to rely deny the marketing value of saying CCHIT compliant.

I’d love to hear from any of these EHR vendors that are CCHIT 2008 Ambulatory EHR certified. I’d be happy to dedicate a guest post from those interested in listing their reasons for paying all that money for this EHR certification.

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  • That’s pretty funny that they don’t test usability, just that it performs certain functions. What good is an EMR that doesn’t have a good workflow?
    I wonder why Allscripts/Mysis is missing?

  • Laura,
    The real question is how would you test usability? If you can come up with a good way to test usability of an EMR system, then let me know. We’ll put together our own EMR certification and make a ton of money.

  • Daniel,
    Do you have a more up to date list? This list came right off of the CCHIT website that’s linked above. I think that says something if a certification company can’t even keep their short list of certified EHR companies up to date.

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