Practice Fusion’s Free EMR Reaches Milestone

I’ve recently been rather critical of Practice Fusion’s free EMR offering. I honestly don’t think that any of my feelings have changed about their offering. However, here’s a part of their press release that at least shows they’re getting some traction

Practice Fusion, the leader in free, web-based physician practice applications, announced today the addition of 1,300 medical professionals since its launch in November of 2007 and is currently serving more than a quarter million patients.

That should be a large enough sample size to get some interesting feedback about the product. The question is whether the product is really that good or whether the people at Practice Fusion are just great at marketing. Granted, marketing a free product is easier than getting people to pony up money. It will be interesting to see if their revenue model is sustainable. The problem is that a doctor’s office won’t know if it’s sustainable. I’m still not sure I put my practice on the shoulders of an unproven model. At least not yet.

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  • You get what you pay for… For anyone in the behavioral Health or Substance Abuse field I recently came across Sigmund Software. Very nice design and well layed out I would give them a look.

  • I would recommend Mitochon. Mitochon Systems also has an ad-supported low-cost medical EMR offering for doctors. Their website is

    Mitochon Systems connects physicians, patients, and hospitals into a Virtual Medical Community (VMC) that provides a secure platform for the exchange of healthcare information. Their products are called miEMR and miConnect.

    Check them out too.

  • Practice Fusion just eclipsed the 35,000 user mark and there is some pretty strong feedback across the web. Sign up and see for yourself what a free “EMR ” can do for your practice.

  • Practice Fusion Reaches Milestone “F” with the Better Business Bureau.
    Report your complaints at www.
    Together we can make things better!

  • Though the price tag of PF would seem to make it an appealing EMR choice, the fact that PF completely ignores the repeated requests for manual entry of discrete lab values. It offers only integration with outside lab companies. Any practice that does any labs in house will find no lab tables in PF for that locally generated data.

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