Reasons to Implement a Clinical Website

I’m still seriously considering my idea to create a clinical website wrapped in some sort of content management system. I think it’s a scalable idea that would only cost me the cost of designing a new skin/theme/look and feel for the clinic. Next week I’m going to try and make time to visit the doctor’s office that I think will fund the development of the product. Then, I’ll use that product to roll it out to other doctor’s offices.

While thinking about a clinical website for a doctor’s office I started wondering why a doctor might want a website for their clinic. Here’s just a few of the things off the top of my head.

• Market their clinic
• List their products and services
• Show staff information
• Show clinic hours
• Contact information for their clinic
• Link to their Patient Health Record (PHR)
• Provide clinic announcements
• List Health Education materials
• Promote their clinical research

I think the most powerful tool could be marketing their clinic. With the right combination of keywords and an integrated blog where you post local news items, you could find a lot of referrals. I think this could also be true for those doctors who like to sell elective procedures that have high profit margins.

Is there anything I’m missing about what a clinical website could offer a doctor’s office? I expect there are probably a number of them that I haven’t considered.

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John Lynn

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  • What would be really cool is if you could set up a patient self-service area where they could log in and look at their appointments or set one up and keep track of when their checkups are due and that sort of thing.

  • Chris,
    The problem with your suggestion is that it requires hooks into the user’s EMR or scheduling program. I think this is a great feature, but each EMR or scheduling program has to do their own. Luckily many of them have done that.

    Of course, the plan would be to integrate the various EMR programs “portal” into the clinical website. In most cases it would just be a link to login.

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