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I know I’ve talked about being an EMR consultant, but now I’ve taken some really serious steps to doing EMR consulting full time. Last week I submitted a business plan to the Nevada Governor’s Cup. It’s a pretty exciting competition. Unfortunately, I have to wait until April 3rd to find out if I make the finals. There is $100,000 in prize money at stake so you can imagine I’m pretty nervous about making the finals. I think I did a pretty good job of showing how the EMR consulting business can be scalable. However, I’m not sure that the judges will understand how important and essential regular windows update, antivirus and adware spyware scans are to a doctor’s office. Add in backup verification and you pretty much have a lock with a doctors office. They aren’t going to do it themselves even if they say they are going to do it.

I also think that the most profitable part of the business could be the customized clinical websites with a nice content management system. That’s what I’ve wanted to do for a while. We’ll see what entrepreneurs think of my idea. Wish me luck!

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Hi!

    IMHO you should realy focus on EMR topics and not on IT administration. Try to find a partner for IT administration and focus on computer aided workflow support including EMR.

    best wishes, Thomas

  • I agree 100%. Actually in my plan my colleague who is one of the most skilled IT administrators I know takes care of all the IT administration. Of course I’d be there for back up or emergency situations, but generally he would take care of all the IT management. We would make a really great team.

  • Well? Its April 3rd. Keep us posted. I think you’re well qualified, you’ll never be 100% ready… just do it. I think much of your thoughts are essential and depending on your model can be very appealing. Also, regarding your comment “customized clinical websites with a nice content management system” take a look at ourUltimate EMR Demo. I think you’ll like it.

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