I’ve been seriously looking at a way to manage the HIPAA documentation for my clinic. I think that a wiki is going to be the way to go. I wonder if anyone else has thought of this idea.

It seems like the logical method. It would definitely have to be secured and password protected. However, the ability to have it accessible by the entire clinic and to be editable by anyone is great. Plus, it is great because you can dynamically add new pages on the fly. In fact, I plan on using it for all of our documented policies and procedures.

I found a really good article detailing the various wikis. I think that I’m going to try out the one that powers Wikipedia, Media Wiki. Anyone else have thoughts on how to do this?

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  • Have a look at this article.

    Data Backup Plan
    The data backup plan is a required implementation specification defined within the Contingency Plan standard in the Administrative Safeguards section of the HIPAA Security Rule.
    The objective of the data backup plan is to establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information. The data backup plan is a documented and routinely updated plan to create and maintain, for a specific period of time, retrievable exact copies of information. Successful data backup and restores are sometimes dependent on business processes and “batch” activities.
    Disaster Recovery Plan
    The disaster recovery plan is a required implementation specification defined within the Contingency Plan standard in the Administrative Safeguards section of the HIPAA Security Rule.
    The objective of a disaster recovery plan is to establish (and implement as needed) procedures to restore any loss of data. A disaster recovery plan is the part of an overall contingency plan that contains a process enabling an enterprise to restore any loss of data in the event of fire, vandalism, natural disaster, or system failure.
    The disaster recovery plan applies to major, usually catastrophic, events that deny access to the normal facility for an extended period. A disaster recovery plan refers to an IT focused plan designed to restore operability of the target system, application, or computer facility at an alternate site after an emergency.
    The disaster recovery plan defines the resources, actions, and data required to reinstate critical business processes that have been damaged because of a disaster. An inventory of all critical data and vital systems must be created as well as documentation of detailed procedures to facilitate the recovery of capabilities at an alternate site.

    Source: http://training-hipaa.net/compliance/Security_Contingency_Planning.htm

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