Facial Recognition is the Best Biometric Solution

I don’t usually like to post blanket statements like the above, but I’ve really fallen in love with facial recognition. I absolutely love my facial recognition. I’ve been working lately with Sensible Vision a vendor of facial recognition software getting the single sign on to work with my EMR package called Medicat. It’s pretty impressive.

I brought in the director of the health center to take a look at the single sign on. I opened my EMR application and it pretty much goes straight into the application. The director of the health center pulled one of those “Ohhh!” because she was surprised at how quick it was.

I showed one of the front desk personnel and she said, “When do we get that?” As soon as possible was my answer.

I just can’t get over how smart it is. Continuous authentication is the best type of security you can have on your PC. Facial recognition constantly is looking for your face and making sure that you haven’t left. It’s the very best feature.

I only have one more thing I have to get working properly and we’ll be putting into our clinical environment. We have to still make it so that two people can use the computer. Too bad our application isn’t browser based because then it wouldn’t be an issue at all. Unfortunately, my application is in VB and so there’s a little more programming to get the facial recognition software to logoff the application if someone forgot to do that.

I’ll let you know once I have it in the clinic.

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