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I’m thrilled to say that we just passed 30,000 visitors to EMR and HIPAA. It really is something else to think that so many people have come to this site to find out about EMR and HIPAA. I’m really happy to see its success. In fact, I didn’t realize how well I was doing at attracting visitors until I looked at a great Healthcare IT blogger recently posted that since tracking his statistics since September 2004 he just hit 10,000 visitors. Pretty amazing that I just started blogging in December 2005.

It’s been a roller coaster getting it started. Now that I’m a little more established with some quality content in place I have been taking a step back to see where I want to take my EMR and HIPAA blog. I definitely want to work on some of my fixed pages:
EMR and EHR Vendors
EMR vs. Paper Charts
EMR Evaluating and Purchasing
EMR Features
EMR Implementation Ideas

I also want to work more on giving details to those interested on implementing an EMR. I want to start doing my initial vision of reviewing various EMR systems. I’ve already started some of the reviews, but I’ve been debating the best way to review an EMR system in an unbiased and professional manner. If you have any ideas please post a comment so I can have your feedback.

Mostly, thanks for helping me reach 30,000. It’s amazing to me that I have gone from 0 to 30,000 so fast. Espescially since this EMR blog was started as a Christmas whim. Who would have thought I’d love EMR so much?

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John Lynn

John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of HealthcareScene.com, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

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  • Sorry for the double-post. I’d like to get in on review of the various EMR’s. I was thinking of possibly having a slam pc and testing the open-sourced solutions first while providing a step-by-step to a ‘typical’ small office situation. It might yield some feedback and recommended steps to take from other doctors who have used the software. Let me know if you want to split some of the ‘review’ duties.

  • I’d love to have people participate in the review process. I think something that would be more interesting is having multiple people review the same EMR system. This gives 2 unique points of view to the same system. I think this would be of more value and fairer to the EMR systems being reviewed. What do you think?

  • Congrats on the 30,000 visitors!!! Blogs grow up so fast. Just yesterday it seems like he was a baby blog, only knee high. *grin*

    Just wanted to pass some info on to you for EMR vs Paper Charts fixed page.
    Here’s the list of benefits doctors responded to MGMA for implementing an EMR with weightings.
    (see http://www.mgma.com/press/EHR-adoptionstudy.cfm for press release and see the pdf with the pretty graphs and tables at ftp://ftp.mgma.com/pub/WEBMISC/Center_for_research/EHR_tables_and_graphs_final.pdf )

    From page 3 of the pdf…

    Benefit to the practice of having an EHR
    Mean rating on scale of 1 (no value) to 5 (extremely important)

    Improved access to medical record information 4.60
    Improved work flow 4.49
    Improved patient communications 4.28
    Improved accuracy for coding evaluation and management procedures 4.28
    Improved drug refill capabilities 4.21
    Reduced medication errors 4.19
    Improved charge capture 4.16
    Improved clinical decision making 4.15
    Improved claim submission process 4.13
    Reduced medical records staff expenses 3.96
    Reduced medical records storage costs 3.92
    Reduced transcription costs 3.92
    Reduced medical records transportation costs 3.64
    Improved physician recruitment 3.31

  • Definitely. I like Cnet’s model of reviewing mainly b/c it gives a few ‘screenshots’, breaks the review down into different categories, leaves open the possibility for other short ‘reviews’ or ‘comments’, and provides an easy ratings scale. Do you know of anyway to incorporate a ratings ‘template’ into the blog? That way, we’d be able to attach a quick ratings system to the ‘review’ posts.

  • I could definitely code something up to handle the reviewing. Although, you make me wonder if there isn’t some sort of WordPress plugin that I could use to handle ratings. Might be interesting. I’ll let you know when I have time to do some more research.

    I also love the comment about being a baby blog only knee high. That really made me laugh. I’m still a lightweight I think.

  • It’s a real shame that we even have to go through this process of reviewing and selecting an EMR. If this country simply made VistA the standard and it was provided as service (like power or telephone) we could all get back to the real task at hand – taking care of patients.

    Yet, here I am, a practicing physician trying to setup VistA since I do not want to get stuck with vendor lock-in. I have used it at the VA and found it impressive. Has anyone have any experience with it in the private sector?

  • In many respects there aren’t many people supporting VistA yet and so you really do have some form of vendor lock in because it is so proprietary using MUMPS. I don’t know too much, but I know that is a huge challenge. I like your idea of making EMR a standard government service. In fact, I’ve been working on a blog post that talks about just that. Watch for it in the next week.

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