Rumors of Google Health

It looks more and more like I was right about my post of having a Google Health Portal on January 23. I even mentioned a Google Health Portal a second time on March 28th since I was seeing so many searches being directed to my site for people searching google health. I still think it’s a great idea, but I’m interested to see how dynamic the site really is. How trustworthy can the site be? People link to Paris Hilton a lot and that doesn’t mean that it is worth reading (although she may be worth looking at).

The rumor of Google Health looks pretty promising. I have a feeling the initial offering won’t be much more than what google finance is now. If it is then that’s good for me. I already get a number of people visiting my site from Google Finance so I imagine Google Health could be even more beneficial.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • i’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts on the industry. i’m new to the hcit world, but i come from a technical background albeit in a little non-conventional manner.

    i’m hoping to be a regular to not only your posts, but also the emrupdate forum, emrconsultant forum, and some other it news sites i read.

    it seems like you’ve been in the i.t. sector for awhile, so i’m hopin’ to establish a little ‘network’…possibly even participate in a future blog symposium. lol

    i dont have too much just yet, but check out my site. i think it’ll be cool to have an i.t. network with the doctor’s network to make this hcit emr/ehr movement work for all!

    sorry for the rant…..i guess i’m addicted to it like you.

    question though. just like docs want to turn to i.t. when they have questions and expect us to be an advocate for them with an efficient i.t. perspective, do you think, in general, docs have a willingness to do the same for us? from what i’ve been reading so far, consumers can be pretty harsh on tech and the industry. i guess since i feel like this is only going to work if we work together, how much will they be our advocate when we’re trying to work with them?

  • I’d love to chat. I like your site also. It seems like you come from a similar background as me being an IT person delving into EMR. I also participate a lot on and

    In fact, I’m a moderator on EMRUpdate. My name on the forum is techguy.

    As far as your question:
    “how much will they[doctors] be our advocate when we’re trying to work with them?”

    I’m sure you’ll find parties in both camps. There are a number of doctors who embrace technology and work very well with you on trying to make their practice as effecient as possible and utilize an EMR to make their life easier. There are others who want to have nothing to do with EMR, computers and technology in general. That’s fine. There are enough Doctors who love EMR and technology that there’s no need to work with/for doctors who don’t want EMR. Stick with those who love EMR!

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