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I’ve wanted to find some more information about medical PDA software since I think it would be a nice addition to my blog. I haven’t completed my research, but I recently saw a nice post by Alborg which talked about some free medical PDA software. This is a nice review I’ve been looking for so I could learn a little more about what’s out there. Here’s what was said about the free software and a link to the review of the software.

Chris Helopoulos, the Chief Editor of pdaMD, did a review of all of the software titles available for download. Read his article at:

In my search for understanding medical pda software I also started a thread on a nice forum called Doctor’s Gadgets. The basic idea is that I am interested in knowing what are the 5 most popular pda software for doctors? The list is quite enlightening. You can check out all the comments here. Otherwise, I’ll include some of the lists below. My list below has links to the different medical pda software just because I love my readers so much. Let me know if any of the links are wrong.

1. HanDBase – not really specifically medical but lots of very useful medical applications
2. Epocrates – new UK version is just the job until the BNF decide to release a free PDA version
3. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine – essential reference for junior docs
4. 5 minute ortho consult
5. Archimedes – free medical calculators – in a nice format and linked to OHCM (if you get the skyscape version).

From an anaesthesiologist.
Top 5 free medical software – freeware
* medcalc
* ABG pro
* epocrates ( has a free version)
* infusicalc
* rca logbook

(1) High Wire View (High Wire Press, Stanford University) for professional journals. I love having the latest editions of journals put into my PDA when I synchronise and I don’t have to do a thing.
(2) Clinical Medical Consult ( as my medical reference book. This is a wonderful resource – referenced, updated 2 or 3 times a year, relatively cheap and aimed at practising doctors rather than students.
(3) iSilo ( makes a great job of importing any kind of document into my PDA with no fuss.
(4) Mobile Merck Medicus
(5) Skyscape

What a collection of different medical pda software that’s available! I’m sure there are plenty more. Let me know if you have other medical pda software by commenting here.

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  • The iPhone/iPod Touch are totally the way to go for medical education. As a student who misplaced his school-issued PDA sometime at the beginning of clerkship and replaced it with an iPod Touch, I can’t believe how much better these devices are. There’s an absolute boom in programming so there’s tons of good software available, patients love them, and it’s a great way to impress old surgeons who marvel at the pretty pictures.

  • endrewhudson,
    I hadn’t really thought about that. I bet the programs listed above would be awesome on the iPhone and iPod touch. I also can’t wait to see the new Palm Pre. I saw that at CES in Las Vegas and that is a sweet little palm.

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