EKG Machine, Spirometer and Holter Connect to an EMR

I’d wondered what products we could hook directly into an EMR and it made a lot of sense to me to have an EKG machine connect directly into your EMR. I finally found that it is definitely possible.

Here’s what was said at EMRUpdate about this type of connection:

The most popular EKG machine for EMR users is
the IQmark Digital ECG by Midmark. They also
have a spirometer and holter. The results of the
study are placed right into many EMR’s.
If an EMR doesn’t have this capability yet, you end
up scanning it in like other documents.

Here’s a link to the EKG, spirometer and holter offered by Midmark. Now I just have to check some pricing to see if and when we will be replacing our existing equipment. At least if I can export it to a document format then I know I can integrate it with my EMR.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • could gieve the price for ekg/spirometer and holter machiene without EMR connection but potentialy possible to use it with EMR in a future.
    Thank you

  • John,

    We use Philips equipment to send our ECGs to our EMR as well as our cardiology PACS. Are you planning on interpreting the ECGs directly in the EMR? We are using a separate application (Philips Tracemaster) to receive and interpret the ECGs before sending the final report/strip to our EMR. Tracemaster’s interpreting and reporting functionality was much more robust than what is available in our EMR.


  • Mark James,
    I think what you describe will always be the case. An EMR could do some interpreting of the ECGs, but in most cases you’ll use a separate application for interpreting. The only exception might be if Philips has an EHR and embeds their Tracemaster software into the EHR.

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