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Looking over the search terms that have been used to find my site I’ve often been surprised by how many people are interested in my Google Portal for Medical Information. Well, I found some more information on Google looking at doing more with medical information.
Garrett posted on Googling Google about “Google Health What is it?” In it he makes a good point about why would google hire a “Architect, Google Health” if it wasn’t planning to do something nice for health? Well, the real question is what will Google come up this time in the healthcare arena?

eHealth offers some good ideas about Google Health being a mix of a “custom medical search, Google News, list of health search engines, video search, search local to find a doctor, Google scholar for medicine, etc.”, but it also says, “that would underestimate Google’s potential for innovation.”

This really should be interesting to see how google compares to other health search portals like and the infamous WebMD.

Will this really affect an EMR? Probably not. It might be a nice reference, but it’s going to be quite a while until any portal is good enough to integrate with an EMR program.

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John Lynn

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  • What will be really interesting is if Google puts their innovators to work on making an EHR product. I am so dissatisfied with mine that I could scream; and I have never used a Google product that did not a) do just what it was supposed to and no more and b) make my life easier. I want them in the EMR business.

  • I would never count Google out of anything.

    Although, I’m not a betting man and I’d bet that Google will not want to touch EMR with a long stick. They want to organize the World’s information. However, private information has never been part of their business model. Well, at least until videos.

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