New (Expensive) Research Guide for Selecting EMR/EHR Systems

I found a research guide that was just published on “Selecting an EMR Company”. I really think that having a guide like this is great and it is nice to see someone putting this out because choosing an EMR is a very difficult task. However, it surprises me that this guide costs $80 ($79.95 plus $6.95 S&H to be exact). First, why not offer an electronic version and cut the price 1/3 and still walk away with a profit. Record someone reading it and do the same thing. I don’t know many people who would pay $80 for this information when so much of it can be found online already. EMRConsultant will give you a lot of this information for free along with some customized EMR choices that seem to fit your needs. EMRUpdate has a great forum where you can find tons of information for FREE about EMR companies, emr implementation ideas and you are open to ask whatever you want. Not to mention my page which is still a work in progress, but is starting to take shape in it’s ability to help those interested in implementing an EMR.

Well, there are all these good resources for free out there. However, if you want to see what this Research Guide has to offer here’s the press release:

(OPENPRESS) February 17, 2006 — According to Jeffery Daigrepont, Principal at The Coker Group of Atlanta, GA and Editor of The Complete EMR Selection Guide, “Implementing an EMR is a challenge for any size organization. Deciding what vendor and system to purchase can be an overwhelming task. Risks are high, investment of time and money are high, and success with the EMR can be challenging and time consuming. In some cases, making the right EMR selection can be career-defining for a physician, office administrator or business manager.”

“President Bush announced during his State of the Union address that the US will make wider use of electronic records and Health Information Technology, to help control costs and reduce medical errors,” Daigrepont explained. “The Bush Administration has been pushing for the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) since the Executive Order issued on April 27, 2004 which called for widespread deployment of EMR implementation within the next decade to help realize substantial improvements in patient safety and efficiency,” he added.

Nancy Collins, President of Greenbranch Publishing and Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management agrees. “We are delighted to partner with The Coker Group on this important and timely publication. Executives in medical practices need a roadmap to clearly define the practice goals for EMR.” Collins stated.

The research guide is 80 pages filled with no-nonsense, practical advice – supported by field-tested examples from practices that have gone through the process. Topics include:

• How to Prepare Your Practice for an EMR
• Step-by-Step Instructions for Developing your RFP
• How to Motivate Your Physicians – and using the Physician Champion to your advantage
• How to Pay for the New Technology?
• Tips for Handling Demos, Site Visits and Reference Checks
• Negotiate a Performance Based Contract
• How to Avoid Critical Mistakes – The Top Reasons for EMR Failure

Authors and consultants from The Coker Group provide advice and insight proven successful in other medical practices. Armed with this roadmap, physicians and executives can make informed decisions on the EMR.

Table of Contents

• Preparing Your Practice for EMR: Are You Ready?
• How to Select a Vendor Based on Practice-Specific Requirements: Developing Your RFI and RFP
• Why and How to Develop an Internal Selection Committee
• How to Motivate Physicians and Develop a Physician Champion
• How to Handle Sales Demo, Reference Checks, and Site Visits
• How to Negotiate a Performance-Based EMR SYSTEM Contract
• EMR: Financial Considerations
• How to Ensure Future Compatibility and Ensure That Your Vendor Meets Government-Mandated Standards
• How to Avoid Costly EMR Purchasing Mistakes
• Implementing and Adopting a Computerized Clinical Information System
• Is Your Technology Infrastructure HIPAA Compliant?
• Using the Internet and E-Mail Appropriately in the Medical Practice
• Network Security
• Mitigating Risk: IT Disaster Recovery
• Procuring Hardware for Your EMR System
• The Future of Health Care Policy
• Coding and EMR: What Your Vendor Won’t Tell You

Copies may be ordered by calling (800) 933-3711 or go to

About The Coker Group
The Coker Group is a national health care consulting firm helping physicians, hospitals, and other providers find answers and solve problems in management and business operations. Since 1987, Coker consultants and educators have provided practical, effective strategies and solutions to assist the leaders of today’s health care organizations through hands-on consulting and educational forums.

Contact: Jeffery Daigrepont
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Toll Free: 800-345-5829
Local: 678-832-2000

About Greenbranch Publishing, LLC
Greenbranch Publishing, LLC, with headquarters in Phoenix, Maryland, is a privately held firm founded in 1998. The company is a leading publisher of medical practice management titles, electronic media and audio conferences for physicians, practice administrators and office practice managers.

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  • I’ve dealt with Coker on a limited basis regarding the selection of an EMR for one of my customers. Before they became a customer of mine, they were using Coker for help finding an EMR.

    Needless to say the customer spent $$$$ for nothing.

  • One more thing, I think they will sell many copies because Coker has a good name throughout the industry. Although I’m a capitalist at heart, I would offer this guide for free and use it to get in front of potential customers.

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