Blogging Enhancing Your Career?

Blogging is a pretty interesting phenomenon. I must admit that before I started blogging I didn’t really understand what blogging was really about. Even now I sometimes wonder. However, I found blogging to be a great experience for you to put down on paper some of the different things you learn. It motivates you to study a subject in depth which you might not have studied had you not been thinking about blogging the subject. I find EMR and HIPAA very interesting, but I wouldn’t committ nearly the time nor the intensity to my involvement in it if I wasn’t trying to build something of use. Yes, I did say that this EMR and HIPAA blog could be useful. At least that is still my goal. Call me ambitious.

I found an interesting article on working up the career ladder with a blog. As I’ve been blogging I’ve often considered some points in this article before posting something. Here’s the most poignant part:

It now is common for job interviewers, customers and partners to Google your name before engaging with you personally.

If you have built a useful, thoughtful blog history, you could be well positioned to open the door for a fruitful business relationship. If not, you may not even get in the door. You can be sure if you claim to be an expert, you had better have a blog that covers your expertise or the door will be bolted shut.

I have a really common name so good luck on finding my EMR and HIPAA blog by my name. More importantly I plan on putting this blog down on my resume as something that shows my expertise in EMR. This is why I find the second part so important. I better make the sure the content here is good. I wouldn’t go as far as this writer in saying that the door would be bolted shut, because any intelligent business person can realize that this website isn’t just about advancing my career. Often a website can be multifaceted in its goals. If the interviewing company can’t understand that then I’m not sure I want to work for them anyway. That said, I still want to be careful what I say. It’s a fine line that has to be walked. I’ll save most my personal ramblings for my personal blog.

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John Lynn

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