Overwhelming List of EMR Companies

I’d been looking for some lists of EMR companies that I could use for my list of EMR and EHR vendors. I should expect an enourmous list since I’ve talked about how many EMR companies there are out there, but it is still overwhelming looking at some lists I’ve found. Good thing I’m young and will have time to go through it. I plan on going throuh and demoing many of the different EMR’s and will add them to my EHR and EMR Vendor list as I have time to do an appropriate EMR review.

UPDATE: Here’s a list of EMR vendors with links to get an EMR price quote and/or EMR demo where available.
Practice Fusion – website – Free EMR
MxSecure – website
MDCare – website
SoapWare – website Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
FreeDOM Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo – Free EMR
GE Centricity Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
NextGen Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
eClinicalWorks Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Greenway Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Aprima (formerly iMedica) Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Pulse – website Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Athena – website Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Allscripts Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Waiting Room Solutions Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo
Sequel Med Get Price of EMR Vendor EMR Vendor Demo

I found 2 different lists for your viewing pleasure, but I put them on a separate page so they don’t make my front page unreadable. I(and you) shouldn’t look at this list too much because it makes evaluating EMR’s too overwhelming.

This is a list that I found at EMR Update.com
~~~~ Alphabetical Listing ~~~~~

Acrendo Software – AImed Practice Management Software Small – Mid*
Integrated Scheduling, Billing & EMR for small to medium-size Medical Practices.

ActiveMD – NoteLogix Small – Mid*
Web based EMR and lab management program that offers medical records & office management applications.

AllMeds – AllMeds EMR Mid*
Assists the physician in the collection, processing and storage of clinical information in a relational database.

American Medical Records – eMRimaging Mid – Large*
Electronic Medical Record Imaging Software that allows search and retrieval of patient EMRs on the Internet.

Benchmark Systems – NextGen EMR Mid*
Creates documents, manages prescriptions & clinical images, provides patient education, and exchanges data with other systems.

Berdy Medical Systems – SmartClinic Mid*
Electronic Medical Records system. E/M codes are automatically calculated in and transmitted to billing systems.

Bizmatics – PrognoCIS Small – Mid*
Highly configurable, integrated clinical information system that automates all Physician practice workflows.

CAOS – PracticeEMR Small – Mid*
Electronic Medical Record solution for Hospitals and Physician Practices.

Care is 1 – Medinformatix Mid*
Electronic Medical Records solution. Records include: HPI, past history, Dx, medications & more.

Cerner – ProFile Mid – Large*
Health Information Management System. Paperless solution that lets you monitor, support and manage health info.

Cognecy Solutions – EMRimaging Small – Mid*
HIPAA compliant Electronic Patient Record Document Management Solution.

Contec Vision – VisionEMR Large*
Web based EMR product, designed for complete integration of the entire healthcare process.

DoctorsPartner – DoctorsPartner Small – Mid*
Medical Practice Management System with integrated Appointment Scheduling, EMR, Billing & Prescription Writer.

Dr. Notes – Dr. Notes Large*
EMR and Clinical software solutions to aid physicians in improving patient care and adopting real-time patient record keeping.

E-MAGINE – Medical Office Suite Small – Mid*
Medical data management for the plastic surgery and dermatology fields.

Emergisoft – EmergisoftED Mid*
Triage, track, document (physician and nursing documentation), and discharge patients that enter your emergency department.

Empire Technologies Solution – Healthcare PRM Mid – Large*
Patient Relationship Management, Electronic Medical Records, Prescription Writer, Appointment Scheduling.

ER Records – Doctors Choice Small*
Emergency Department EMR for Physicians, Nurses, Electronic Prescriptions, Multilingual Discharge Instructions.

Ergo Partners – EMRitus Small – Mid*
Electronic Medical Record solution that automates patient management, clinical documentation, etc.

Ethidium Health Systems – EHS e-Health Platform Mid*
Main component: Wireless Electronic Medical Records. Also Patient Relationship Management module.

Experior – Practice Management Mid*
Patient Accounting, Scheduling, Eletronic Medical Records, Clinic Patient Order Entry, etc.

Exscribe – PrivaNotes Small – Mid*
EMR software plus optional E/M coding services for a Guaranteed ROI; Workflow, Web-enabled entry forms, HL7 Interface.

EZ Healthcare – EZ Office Small – Mid*
Medical practice management software solution that includes medical billing, EMR, patient scheduling, and claims tracking.

Fox Meadows – Encounter Pro Small – Mid*
Patient Record And Office Workflow System with a structured clinical input design.

Greenway Medical Technologies – PrimeSuite Small – Mid*
Web-based ambulatory software suite with integrated EMR, practice management and managed care functionality.

Health Care Data – Health Probe Professional Small – Mid*
Electronic medical records software. Features: Paperless EMRs, Scheduling; Accounting; Billing; and more.

Ibex Healthdata Systems – PulseCheck Mid – Large*
Emergency Medicine solution that includes patient tracking, physician charting, nurses charting, and more.

ICANotes – ICANotes Small – Mid*
EMR Software Program that helps Psychiatrists and other Mental Health Clinicians quickly create a computerized patient record.

Infor-Med – PRAXIS EMR Small – Mid*
An Electronic Medical Record system that stores patient chart notes, x-rays, laboratory reports, EKGs, Vital Statistics & Medications.

Integrated Systems Management – OmniMD Small – Mid*
Pocket PC based Medical Transcription, Document Management, Charge Capture, Scheduling & Electronic Medical Record System.

InteGreat – IC-Chart Mid – Large*
Browser-based access to your clinical data, including patient demographic information, laboratory & radiology reports.

JARS Tech – eMPSHealth Small – Mid*
Patient health history records system with electronic claims status and eligibility benefit status information system.

JMJ Technologies – EncounterPRO Small – Mid*
EMR softwre with patient tracking and a workflow management system.

jRW – ePatientChart Small – Large*
Facilitates a fully automated office, while increasing revenue, reducing overhead and saving time.

KeyMedical Software – KeyChart Small – Mid*
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software package designed exclusively for Ophthalmologists.

Max Systems – Max Gold Mid*
Medical office management system designed from the ground up as a tool for doctors to manage their patient care.

MD Logic – Touchscreen Documentation System Small – Mid*
Generates accurate, complete, and error free medical documentation while making physicians more productive.

Medappz – Clinical Intelligent Agent Small – Mid*
Computerized patient record and computer provider order entry system for ambulatory-care providers.

MEDCOM Information Systems – Welford Chart Notes Small – Mid*
The only EMR with an embedded Natural Language Interpreter (NLI), a real-time text interpreter.

MedcomSoft – MedcomSoft Record Mid*
EMR (Electronic Medical Record) designed to simplify the tasks of recording medical notes and producing detailed medical charts.

MedHost – Emergency Department Management System Mid – Large*
Touchscreen patient tracking, documentation, charge capture, order entry, reporting, and more for the ED.

Medical Communication Systems – Mobile MedData Mid – Large*
Relay patient information over secure, HIPAA-compliant wireless networks to leading handheld devices.

Medical Management Solutions – Quick-MD Small – Mid*
Practice management and EMR software that includes demographics, electronic filing, scheduler and full reporting.

Medical Professional Systems – MPS Remedy Small – Mid*
Practice management solution to enable you to manage your practice and revenue effectively and seamlessly.

Medical Technologies International – HARMONY Small – Large*
Fully integrated EMR, HIPPA compliant software, easy to use scheduling & comprehensive patient billing.

MediNotes – Charting Plus Small – Mid*
Accurate medical content, custom entry dialogs and anatomical images appropriate to your field of medicine.

Meditab Software – Intelligent Medical Software Small – Mid*
Practice management including, EMR, billing, scheduling, check in & check out, prescription, fax management.

MedPlus – ChartMaxx Small – Mid*
A clinical record solution providing an electronic repository of information from key areas of healthcare organizations.

Medtuity – MedtuityEMR Mid*
EMR solution featuring: records processing, Scripts, Scanning, Patient Tracking, Patient Education, and more.

MicroFour – PracticeStudio Small – Mid*
Integrated Billing, EMR & Appointment Scheduling software that automates the input for patient chart notes.

Misys Healthcare Systems – Misys EMR Large*
Integrate financial, administrative, and electronic medical records information into one cohesive solution for your practice.

mTuitive – mTuitive xPert System Large*
User centered software, using expert system techniques, providing error free data collection solutions.

NCG Medical Systems – d-Chart Small – Mid*
Modular, secure, HIPAA-compliant paperless medical record and document management system.

NorthBase – ProgressNote Small – Mid*
HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record tool that integrates with a physician’s workflow to optimize patient care documentation.

OmniMD – OmniMD EMR Mid – Large*
Automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.

Paperless Practice – Charting Plus Small*
HIPPA compliant EMR system designed with a unique point-and-click user-friendly environment.

Penguin Medical Systems – PenguinEMR Small – Mid*
EMR and Practice Management software designed by physicians for physicians.

Physician Micro Systems – Total Practice Partner Small – Mid*
Windows-based medical practice management software that includes appointment scheduling, medical billing and EMR.

PocketPCSoft4U – Medical Chart Plus EX Small – Mid*
Electronic Medical Records application for Pocket PC; an efficient way of recording, organizing and generating Patient charts.

Practice Velocity – EMR with Automated Medical Coding Small – Mid*
Speed up your charting with this paper, SOAP-note template.

Propinquity Software – Propinquity Small – Mid*
Primarily targeted to internists and sub-specialists, our EMR/SOAP notes database program automates diagnosis summaries.

Protologics – ProtoCHART EMR Small – Mid*
Allows for seamless integration of patient demographics from ProtoMED and billing information.

Pulse Systems – PulseEMR Mid – Large*
Tracks and manages the processes involved in providing patient clinical services & in keeping accurate electronic medical records.

R2T2 Software – The Chart! Small – Mid*
Quick, secure and easy patient visit EMR documentation for the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Medical practices.

Smart Data Systems – SmartMedix Medical Practice Management Software Mid – Large*
Comprehensive, paperless and affordable practice management software with full EMR with Archiving and scanning.

SmartCharts MD – SmartCharts MD Mid*
Electronic Medical Records. Modules: Patient Demographics, Family History, Scheduling, Allergies, and more.

SmartEMR – SmartEMR Small – Mid*
Web-based electronic medical records solution that enables physicians to record patient encounters & test interpretations quickly.

Spring Medical Systems – SpringCharts EMR Small – Mid*
The physician and staff gain instant access to up-to-date patient charts, office status, and office communications.

STAT! Systems – Q.D. Clinical Small – Mid*
Full-featured EMR package for Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux, Citrix, Novell, Pen-Tablets and PDAs.

The T-System – T-System EV Mid*
Electronic charting system that enables you to chart, report, and store records.

VersaForm Systems – VersaForm EMR Mid*
Electronic medical records with labs, medications, allergies, histories, prescription writing and much more.

Visionary Medical Systems – Visionary DREAM EMR Small – Mid*
Visionary DREAM EMR empowers the Physician to not only improve patient care but to cut costs effectively.

WEBeDoctor – WEBeDoctor Small – Mid*
Software for appointments, insurance verification, scheduling, patients EMR, and their electronic billing.

I believe this is the EMRConsultant.com list:
AccuRecords Accumedic Computer Systems Inc.
AIMed EMR Acrendo Software
Allmeds EMR System AllMeds Inc.
AltaPoint EMR AltaPoint Data Systems LLC
Alteer Office� Alteer Corporation
Amazing Charts Amazing Charts
American Medical CPR System American Medical Software
Amicore Clinical Management� Amicore Inc.
Aquifer.EMR� Solventus�
SuccessEHS Electronic Healthcare Systems
ChartCare EMR ChartCare Inc.
ChartEvolve The CIMS Group
Charting Plus � MediNotes Corp.
ChartKeepeer � VantageMed Corp.
ChartLogic� ChartLogic Inc.
Chartmaker � STI Computer Services Inc.
ChartMaxx� / eMaxx� Medplus� Inc.
CHARTnote/ GI� Olympus America Inc. Medical Systems Group
ChartPower� MicroFour Inc.
ChartWare� Chartware Inc.
Chiropractic Note System Beyond Software
CIinChart.com McKesson
CIiniFlow Software Monarch Medical International Inc.
Clicks MIS� Roshtov Software Ind. Ltd.
Clinical Master � Clinical NetworRx �
Clinical Practice Facilitator Database for Doctors Inc.
Clinician 2004 Bond Technologies
ComChart EMR ComChart �
Companion EMR Companion Technologies
Complex Medical Suite Complex Corporation
Cottage Med Open Source – Cottage Med
CPR � Pink Software
DocPad� Megatech International Corp.
DoctorsPartner DoctorsPartner
DocuMed� DocuMed Inc.
Dr. Notes Dr. Notes
Dyna Health DynaHealth LLC
e-mds e-mds
Easy Chart� Software Performance Specialists Inc.
eCast eCast
eChart IMPAC Medical Systems Inc.
echarts4docs Steadfast Data Systems Inc.
eClinicalWorks EMR 6.0 eClinicalWorks
Electronic Medical Chart EMC Inc.
Electronic Medical Records Docs, Inc.
Eloquent Physician 21st Century Eloquence
Emerald � EMR IMRAC� Corp.
Emergency Department Management System – EDMS MedHost
EmergiSoftED� EmergiSoft�
EMR Solutions DrFirst Inc.
EMR+� Source Medical
eMRimaging� Cognecy Solutions LLC
EMRitus Ergo Partners
Encite Encite Inc.
EncounterPRO v 4.0 JMJ Technologies
Endo Express� / MediChart Express� Cyber Records Inc.
ENTITY� Medical Records Health Care Data System
ePatient Desktop EMR IatroSoft� Corp.
ePatientChart jRW Inc.
EpicCare EMR Epic Systems Corp.
ePowerDoc ePowerDoc, Inc.
eScribe Lille Corp.
Essentris� CliniComp Intl.
ewebchart� ewebhealth�
ExamManager / Transcript Manager Software Solutions Group LLC
ExamWRITER OfficeMate�
Exio Circa Design Company
Exit-Writer Parker Hill Associates
EZ Medical Office EMedical, Inc.
ezChart Businet LLC
ezsoap QualTimeMed Software
FertiSoft Ordinateurs Laval
FlexMedical 4� OCERIS Inc.
gCare� gMed
HeaIthMatics� A4 Health Systems�
Healthcare PRM Healthcare PRM
HealthPort � Micro Innovations Inc.
HealthProbe� PIM Healthcare Data Inc.
HiDoctor 7.0 CentralX
IC-Chart� InteGreat Inc.
ICANotes ICANotes
iIncise 10 Blade, Inc.
iKnowChart� iknowmed
iMcKesson Clinical Suite McKesson
iMedMD� InnoTec Medical Solutions Inc.
Infinity Medical Record System 2.0 Infinity Medical Systems Inc.
Ingenuity� EMR VitalWorks�
IntegriMED IntegriMED Inc.
Intelligent Medical Software / IMS Meditab
Intercare Clinical Explorer� InterCare DX Inc.
KeyChart� KeyMedical Software Inc.
Logician� GE Medical Systems
M.E.R.R.I.T. System AcerMed Inc.
MaximEYES� First Insight Corporation
MD Advantage Compulink
MD Paperfree Crown Medical
MDAChart MDanywhere� Technologies Inc.
MDinteractive MDinteractive
MDoffice MDoffice Inc.
Med ProFile� CareMed
Medamation MD Medamation, Inc.
MedcomSoft Record� MedcomSoft Inc.
Medical Chart Plus EX PocketPCSoft4U
Medical Method� eLifeCare Enterprises Inc.
Medical Notes MedComNotes
Medical Office Online Medical Office Online Inc.
Medical Records Online Medical Records Online
MedicsElite� Advanced Data Systems Corporation
MedicWare EMR MedicWare
Medifile� Jonoke Software Development Inc.
Medinformatix MedInformatix
MediScribe HealthCare Technoligies, Inc.
MediSoft� NDCMediSoft
MedLnx Digital Home Port Inc.
MedPearl IMRAC�
MedPlexus MedPlexus
MedTemps Trigram
Medtuity EMR Medtuity
MeridianEMR MeridianEMR
MICA Information Systems MICA Information Systems
Misys. EMR Misys Healthcare Systems
Mobile MedData EMR Medical Communication Systems
Mountainside Mountainside
myPatientCharts� Hamilton Scientific Ltd
NextGen� EMR NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc.
NoteBuilder NoteBuilder Inc.
NoteLogix ActiveMD
Notes In Hand� MedAptus Inc.
Noteworthy EMR Noteworthy Medical System Inc
O-HEAP Intelligent Medical Objects Inc.
Oacis Dinmar
Office Practicum� Visual Data LLC
OmniDoc Medical Manager / WebMD
OmniMD Integrated Systems Management Inc.
OpenEMR.net Pennington Firm Open Source Projects
Pathways HBOC / McKesson
Patient Chart Manager Prime Clinical Systems
Physician Suite iMedica Corp.
Physician Workstation Integrated Healthware / Previously Wang Healthcare
PIERS Physicians Information Exchange, Inc.
Pinpoint Software (Optho) Pinpoint Data Corp.
PowerChart Cerner
PowerMed EMR PowerMed Inc.
PowerScribe / ichart Dictaphone
Practice Partner Physician Micro Systems Inc.
Practice Velocity EMR / Transcription Velocity Practice Velocity
Practice Works PracticeWorks
PracticeEMR Clinical Automated Office Solutions / CAOS
PRAXIS EMIR V2.19 Infor*Med Inc.
PrimeCare� System Primetime Medical Software Inc.
PrimeSuite� / PrimeChart� Greenway Medical Technologies
PrivaNotes� EMR ? AKA E-Record� by Stryker Exscribe
prnChart Quality Medical Assurance
PrognoCIS Bizmatics
Progress Note NorthBase
Propinquity Propinquity Software Inc.
Provation MD Provation Medical
PsychConsult Provider Askesis
PulseCheck Ibex Healthdata Systems
PulseEMR Pulse
Purkinje | Dossier Clinical Note Writer Purkinje
Q.D. Clinical STAT! Systems
QuickMed QuickMed
QuickPractice PracticePro Software Systems Inc.
ScriptSure Daw Systems Inc.
SecureChart EMR SecureChart
SequelMed SequelMed
Smart Doctor Intelligent Medical Systems
SmartCharts MD SmartCharts MD
SmartClinic Berdy Medical Systems
SmartEMR SmartEMR
SmartLink Smart Document Solutions
SmartMedix Smart Data Systems Inc.
SOAPware DOCS Inc.
SpeechDoc Zydoc
SpringCharts� EMR Spring Medical Systems Inc.
Sunburst EMR Sunburst Solutions
Synamed Synamed
T-SystemEV T-System Inc.
tCAOS Intelligent Business Solutions
TeleResults� TeleResults Corp.
TexTalk Medical Alma Information Systems
The Chart! R2T2 Software
TopsChart e-MDs Inc.
TouchWorks from Allscripts AllScripts Healthcare Solutions
Turbo-Doc EMR Turbo-Doc Medical Records Systems Inc.
TX Management Suite / TX Plan CMHC Systems
Versa Form Notes/ Versa Form OB/GYN Versaform Systems Corp.
Visionary Dream� EMR Visionary Medical Systems
Vox2data / Pacific Voice for Medicine Second Generation Vox2data
Webchart � MIE – Medical Informatics Engineering
WEBeDoctor� WEBeDoctor�
wEMR (Wireless Electronic Medical Record) Ethidium� Health Systems
WriteMD Medinformix LLC
WritePad� EMR Systems Addison Health Systems Inc.
Xchart Open Healthcare Group
XOCDOC Med Mountain Medical Technoligies Inc.
Zamiclin Kietra Corporation
zChart zChart Electronic Medical Records

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John Lynn

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  • The list of emr companies is growing, but they re not certified yet with the new certification standards. These standards have not been established yet. In addition, Meaningful use standards have to be established and that will impact the type of software a doctor chooses. Preactice Management Software is going to be an integral part of the package as well. This blog article say a lot to this effect – http://emrmessenger.com/electronic_medical_records_vs_electronic_health_records_the_difference.html

  • David,
    Definitely true that NONE of the EMRs listed above can be considered “certified EHR” in order to get EMR stimulus money, because NO EMR is certified yet. Same with meaningful use. Still LOTS of information about both that still needs to be given.

    On my other EMR blog, just today I wrote a post asking where the practical details of meaningful use are: http://www.emrandehr.com/2010/04/22/practical-meaningful-use-details/ Still seem to be MIA to me.

  • You might also want to list Practice Fusion at http://www.practicefusion.com . They offer a web based system that is FREE to use. Financially backed (in part) by Salesforce.com, they also guarantee support for the HITECH standard and ability for physcian-practice to earn incentive payments.

  • Pete,
    This post was done back in 2006 before Practice Fusion was even an idea. Thus, why it’s not on the list. That are on other parts of my site, such as this EMR and EHR vendors list. They’re also an advertiser on this site.

  • Waiting Room Solutions is a web-based EMR and medical practice management software. Waiting Room Solutions was designed by physicians for physicians to solve current inefficiencies in medical offices.

    Waiting Room Solutions
    2004 Route 17M
    Goshen, NY 10924

  • The list is complete for sure .i was trying to get intouch with some emr companies and now i can do it easily.

  • Hello,

    Please include Data Strategies, Inc’s EMR software, MDsuite. We have a completely integrated Practice Management (Billing & Scheduling) and EMR system.

    Bellow is a short description of our company and you can visit our website to see and read about our software. We include many screens shots so you can really get a feel for the software! We are confident in the way or system looks and works to improve workflows and increase productivity.

    Data Strategies, Inc. has been a leader in practice management software since 1982. Thousands of healthcare providers around the U.S. rely on our software everyday to accomplish mission-critical tasks such as billing, collections, appointment scheduling, EDI, reporting, practice management, and integration with clinical information management systems.
    Our product MDsuite is a web-enabled, secure, client-server healthcare management system, designed for practices, clinics, and billing service providers of virtually any size. MDsuite includes a completely integrated electronic medical records system guaranteed to meet future ARRA-stimulus requirements. MDsuite enables providers to create professional notes, enhance provider relationships, improve patient care, and organize provider tasks – all within a single, intuitive, and powerful program.
    MDsuite helps healthcare providers comply strictly with all relevant HIPAA standards and streamlines electronic claims, remittance, eligibility, statements and superbills. It includes fast, efficient appointment scheduling, recalls, and collection management. MDsuite reports are comprehensive, flexible and integrated with Microsoft Excel. MDsuite is also integrated with Microsoft Word, QuickBooks and automated patient reminder systems.


  • You didnt have My Vision Epress on this list. I am using it right now and its a great software with great features. I would recommend this software to anyone looking to purchase.

  • I didn’t see Nightingale Informatix – great EMR software, our doctors have had a good experience with it. Easy to use, and fast.

  • […] amazing to me how many companies are launching their own EHR product. Check out this crazy long list of EHR Vendors (close to 400 I believe) that I posted back in early 2006. Yet, we still get more and more […]

  • Hi

    Is an EMR considered as a Medical Device, if so in what in what class?

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • […] has to navigate through is truly daunting. What I just described is not true for every EMR.  With over 300 EMRs on the market, and growing, some of the EMR vendors have figured out usability and design.  But […]

  • M2comsys has T-CAS (Total Clinic Automation Solution), 2.2, that is 2011/2012 compliant and has been certified as a Complete EHR by CCHIT and is an Eligible Provider.

  • You are missing one of the best EMR system ever known. Please check out this company and put on your EMR list. Thanks
    Andrew Ong 714-624-1920

  • Andrew,
    This post was done in early 2006. So, certainly there’s a bunch of EMR vendors missing now. In fact, it’s amazing how much has changed since 2006. Although, this list has actually gotten larger instead of smaller.

    Thanks for pointing out another EMR system. One I hadn’t ever heard of or seen.

  • You should look at Medscribbler as it is not on your lists. It is tablet based with multiple input options when charting clinically. Complete mobility for a provider or practice.

  • Hi John,
    I’m very familiar with Medscribbler. Michael Milne and I go way back. In fact, Michael was a long time advertiser on this site. I imagine one day he’ll come back and advertise again. So, he is on a number of my lists. Although, the list above was posted back in 2006 and hasn’t been changed. That’s why you might not see them listed.

  • This list of EMR’s is missing one in particular Medgen EHR. Medgen is an Amazing Electronic Health Record System that is extremely customizable and easy to use. With a rich feature set, it can be easily tailored to your practice. Our mission is to provide Doctors with a trustworthy EMR that does what they need and fulfills the requirements for the EHR incentives. Check us out at http://www.medgenehr.com, for any question email us at medgensupport@comtronusa.com

  • this list should be updated, there like 500+ emr companies now in the US alone, also you might want to recheck for price and demos, alot of sites have them now. 😛

  • Christy,
    Depends on how you count them. I personally like the 300 EHR company numbers. If you add in other things like ePrescribing it’s probably more like 600. This list is definitely old. It’s the list as of 2006. So many on this list aren’t here any more and so many new ones are here.

    The price and demo buttons on the top are updated. I could add more, but just haven’t had the time.

  • John,

    There is a new EMR that is rapidly taking over from current EMR systems and it is not on your list. It is predicted that it will be #1 in the US within 2 to 3 yrs? The company is One TouchEMR and it was created by a Doctor named Robert Abbate in Texas.
    Why is it not on your list?

    Incidently my company has adopted the new EMR for use.


  • Bill,
    You might notice that this was first posted in early 2006 and hasn’t been updated since then. I do have another list of EMR software here: https://www.healthcareittoday.com/emr-and-ehr-vendors/ but there were so many out there that I stopped updating it other than to add EMR companies that advertise with me.

    I do like to know about new EMR companies. I’ll keep an eye out for One TouchEMR. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Hi, Thank you for this list, i was looking for one to see how may EMR softwares are out there. The number is indeed overwhelming. I am trying to develop an EMR software from scratch. Am I too late in the game?

  • AB,
    I think so. Unless you decide to take a drastically different approach and find doctors looking to find a new method for practicing medicine. Then their might be some opportunities, but that’s a much different sale than an EHR vendor as you might think of it.

  • It’s my understanding that a majority of EMR vendors have focused on the PCP community in their core product design. Many of these attempt to accommodate the specialty community (Cardio, Derm, OB/GYN, Psych, etc., etc.) with add-on modules to their core PCP product. Some vendors have focused on the needs of only a few clinical specialties (eg. OB/GYN only, or Derm only). Where would a list exist of EMR vendors that market to/service the non-PCP clinical specialties?

  • Arco,
    Your analysis is pretty accurate. Although, unfortunately I don’t think a list like you describe exists. Most EHR vendors are reluctant to release which specialties are best suited for their EHR. You might check with the medical society for that specialty to know more.

  • Asking questions are really nice thing if you are not
    understanding anything completely, but this
    post presents fastidious understanding yet.

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