A Sentimental EMR Success Story

In my favorite forum I ran across a poster that had a really interesting perspective on EMR. I liked it so much I emailed him to get more of his story so I could post it here.

Here’s his response to my email describing his reason for posting about EMR and why he chose(or was forced) to pursue private practice.

In a situation when you feel desperate, alone and all you have is your
wife, the belief on your own capabilities and a 2 year old daughter to
inspire you to be the best you can be, it is hard not to be very emotional
exuding enthusiasm on my posts. It is hard when you meet your ceiling, and
have to be subservient to others that have half your education.
Furthermore, it is devastating to find out, that you are not allowed to go
back to work after I came back from vacation after 2 years of continuous
work, to visit my family (wife and daughter) in the old country venturing
on another potential business, and not seeing them for 9 months. All I
have was a phone message not to report without any reason at all other
than I have to sign a non compete clause! I will never forget that day!

Here’s his post about what an EMR system has helped him do and his devotion to his current EMR.

My loyalty to this product is because of the direct and indirect financial benefit I derived from having an EMR. I saved at least 20k individually from prior transcription overhead and indirectly my patients were pleased with my quick response, knowing their case, less filing, and easy retrieval of records. Maybe sentimental value as well, as I took out our own life savings to start my own practice back in Jan 1998. Almost every employed practitioner tried to scare me from pursuing Private practice as they just sold theirs years back. One even told me he had to take a second loan, and ask me how do you think you can do it? As I was pursuing my own business I explored the world of EMR, and as most of you know, there was not much resources then as I recall. A few systems approached me and cost 100k at the time that I almost smacked the guy!

Within 1 to 1.5 years we used Medisoft for billing. Dragon NS for my dictation, and later Praxis in 1999, implementing it when I finally moved to a larger office space where I can have a network. That is the etiology of my devotion I suppose – .

Fine words from the heart. My hope is that this site can help many more people find and implement EMR the right way and benefit from it.

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