Blogging, EMR/HIPAA and a Domain Name

Technically I have now passed over a month blogging, but with the holidays I didn’t really start posting much until the new year. However you count it, I am now 33 posts into my EMR and HIPAA blog. The amazing part is that I’ve only just begun posting things I’d like to post. Too bad I love watching the addicting statistics so much or I would produce more content for YOU my readers. As they say in Italian, “man mano”(“little by little” I think, but it really seems to translate more like hand over hand).

Thank you for all those who have visited the site and continue to return to see what I might suggest next. I have some good ideas waiting to be posted and new categories of posts so the site should really develop over the next few months. My biggest disappointment is with all of those who read the blog, but don’t post your thoughts and comments. I’m always interested in knowing what I’ve said wrong or other insights on what has become a most fascinating adventure “EMR”.

I must apologize to HIPAA since I haven’t given it much coverage at all. In the end I might have to rename the site to include HIPAA, but make EMR the star. I’m just too addicted to the entire concept.

Now that It’s been about a month I think I better start working on a domain name. is my baby that I started when I was in college and will remain in my family forever I think. It is a great domain name, but doesn’t have meaning in regards to EMR and HIPAA. Therefore, I am looking for a good domain that is available.

Come on, if you’ve read this far you must be interested and want to give me some suggestions. Click the comments link and type away. Use Dragon Naturally speaking or hold a wooden dowel in your mouth to type(I actually saw this once). I don’t care, just let me know what you think.

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John Lynn

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