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A recent article described a fascinating way of allowing people to pick up pharmacy refills using a kiosk machine. What a great idea!! I can really see how this could save you some money and really takes service to the next level. Their is definitely some risk involved with the process, because of what is required to authenticate that you are giving the drug to the correct person. I hope they have some sort of video surveillance or other security methods in order to satisfy all the HIPAA regulations(or whatever regulations pharmacies are required to follow). Either way there could be some serious consequences if those drugs were picked up by the wrong person. Also, what happens to the counseling that the pharmacist gives? I guess that is gone.

I really enjoyed a quote from the Asteres Company Website who is the creator of these kiosk machines.

The best customer service begins with choice.
There are times when we need personal attention
and there are times when every minute counts.

I for one am very grateful for companies like these. I’m not sure if it’s the same company, but I love renting DVD’s from a machine for a much cheaper price.

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  • Thank you for your coverage. The time has definitely come where advances need to be made in the prescription arena. Too many people need too many prescripts too frequently to have to stand in line to pick up much needed medications. As with all forms of prescription despensing whether online or off, the government agencies have always relied on the actual prescription and a valid ID to make the transaction valid. Many companies have taken advantage of the process and ruined it for many others thereby allowing only a very few companies to benefit from the “approved” processes. People need their medications, legitimately need them. We need to work together to make sure they can get them safely and legally.

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