100 Interviews in 100 Days – #HealthIT100in100

On March 30th, 2020, the team at Healthcare IT Today committed to conducting 100 interviews of company leaders and industry experts over 100 days. You can read the full press release for details. This #HealthIT100in100 initiative (that’s the hashtag we’re using by the way), is our team’s way of helping the Health IT community during the COVID-19 economic slowdown. We want to tell the stories of companies and individuals who are continuing to make a difference in healthcare TODAY.

Over the next 100 days we will be talking to leaders about what they are doing during this coronavirus pandemic, new partnerships they have forged, enhancements they have made to their solutions and successful projects they have completed with customers. This page will track the 100 published articles that are the result of the 100 interviews and you can Subscribe to the Healthcare IT Today Interviews podcast to listen to most of these interviews on your favorite podcast application.

If you have a story idea that you would like to pitch to our editors, a special online form has been set up where you can make a submission to #HealthIT100in100. Story ideas will be evaluated by the editors and those chosen to be included in this initiative will be contacted directly. For a preview of the questions on the submission form, you can download this PDF.

#HealthIT100in100 Stories:

  1. Bringing Outside Tech Expertise to Healthcare – with Alessandro Sabatelli from Braid Health
  2. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the 21st Century Cures Act – with Tom Leary from HIMSS
  3. Making Healthcare Interoperability a Reality – with Drew Ivan from Lyniate
  4. High Quality Data is Key to Quality Care – with Charlie Harp from Clinical Architecture
  5. Using Virtual Care Inside a Hospital Makes an Impact – with Wendy Deibert from Caregility
  6. The New Stories Data Can Tell – with Dennis McLaughlin from Information Builders
  7. Using Data and a Marketing Approach to Improve Population Health – with Dan Ablett from Bridgecom
  8. Free CareSignal Solution Helps Providers Deliver COVID-19 Information to the Public – with Blake Marggraff from CareSignal
  9. Dina – A Successful Rebrand In Just 45 Days – with Ashish Shah from Dina
  10. Interoperability via a Single API is Possible – with Jeremy Pierotti and Dave Levin MD from Datica
  11. Lumeon Adapts Their “Autopilot” to Help Hospitals With COVID-19 – with Rick Halton from Lumeon
  12. HIE Launched New COVID-19 Data Monitoring Platform – with Jaime Bland from Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII)
  13. Integrated Medical Device Tracking Improves Patient Safety – with Chris Sullivan from Zebra
  14. Advance Care Planning Is Important for COVID-19 and Beyond – with Ryan Van Wert, MD from Vynca
  15. What Major Security Threats Does Healthcare Face Amidst COVID-19 and What Can You Do About IT? – Dan Schaupner from Atos
  16. Experian Helping Hospitals With RCM Challenges Caused By COVID-19 – with Jason Considine from Experian
  17. New Healthcare Interoperability Solution Leverages Age-Old Technology – with John Nebergall from J2 Global, Jon Elwell from Kno2 and Scott Stuewe from DirectTrust
  18. A Healthcare Interoperability Discussion with Pete McCabe, CEO of Ciox
  19. COVID-19 Driven Interoperability and What Does this Mean for Healthcare Interoperability Going Forward? – with Lucie Ide from Rimidi, Marilee Benson from Zen Healthcare IT, Josh Douglas from Bridge Connector, Chris Klomp from Collective Medical, Matthew Michela from Life Image, and Eric Rosow from Diameter Health
  20. Breathing Life Into Telehealth: How New York City is Keeping COVID-19 Victims at Home – with Robbie Hughes and Dr. Gajan Srikanthan from Lumeon
  21. Asset Tracking and Secure Identity Management in Healthcare – with Sheila Loy from HID Global
  22. Rushing to Implement Telehealth? Don’t Ignore Identity Management and Cybersecurity – with Erin Benson from LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Michael Archuleta from BridgeCare Health Network – Mt San Rafael
  23. Impact of Telehealth on Physician Practices Will Be Profound According to NextGen CMO – with Dr. Betty Rabinowitz from NextGen
  24. DXC Technologies Maintains Focus on Patient Engagement – with Dr. Michael Dahlweid from DXC Technologies
  25. Temporary Hospital and Other Security Issues Amidst COVID-19 – with Travis Volk from Radware
  26. AdvancedMD: Make It Easy, Make it Flexible, Make it Fast. – with Tim Costantino from AdvancedMD
  27. Understanding How to Leverage Cloud Effectively in Healthcare – with Clark LeFavour and David Sarson from Dell Technologies
  28. Texting + Telehealth Together in a Single Platform from TigerConnect – with Dr. Will O’Connor from TigerConnect
  29. Greenway Health Sees Hope for Physician Practices – with Dr. Geeta Nayyar and Kali Durgampudi from Greenway
  30. A Virtual Epic Go-Live – with Rebecca Manne, RN, BSN from Optimum Healthcare IT
  31. Vigilanz and Datica Launch COVID Quick Start. Free to Hospitals. – with Shannon Carroll from VigiLanz and Jeremy Pierotti from Datica
  32. Driving Collaboration Among Researchers Through BurstIQ’s Research Foundry – with Frank Ricotta from BurstIQ
  33. Three Areas of Focus as We Move Beyond COVID-19 – with Steve Burrill from Deloitte
  34. Engagement is the goal. Distraction is just the start. – with Jeff Fallon from eVideon Healthcare
  35. IT Spaghetti? Forget About It … Says Logicalis – with Mike Riley from Logicalis
  36. How Do You Better Enable Your Remote Workforce? – with Susmit Pal from Dell Technologies
  37. What’s the Right Approach to Change Management in an Always Changing Digital Workplace? – with Heather Haugen from Atos
  38. Pagers + Healthcare – It’s the Message Not the Medium – with Tim Tindle from Spok
  39. What We’re Hearing About the HIMSS20 Cancellation and Its Impact on HIMSS21
  40. New Healthcare Workforce Complexities Requires Smarter Solutions – with Nanne Finis from Kronos
  41. Hospitals’ Financial Wounds: Can Innovar Help Stop the Bleeding? – with Loyd Bittle from Innovar Healthcare
  42. Digital Therapeutics – Blip or Lasting Trend? – with Dr. Derek Richards from SilverCloud Health
  43. It’s About Clinical Navigation not Just Provider Matching – with Dr. Suzanne Clough from ArmadaHealth
  44. Figuring Out the Right Workflow for Hybrid Patient Care (Virtual and In Person) – with Josh Weiner from Solutionreach
  45. Sharing Data Only Where You Want: How the Octopus System Might Aid Healthcare – with Thomas Behe and Neil Stansbury from Octopus
  46. Four Types of Healthcare IT Systems and Their Integration Challenges – with Cheryl Rodenfels from Nutanix
  47. Beyond Triage or Alerts: mSafety Aims to Integrate Remote Monitoring into Routine Health Care – with Arnol Rios from Sony subsidiary Takeoff Point LLC
  48. 4 Healthcare Security Efforts Every Healthcare Organization Should Take – with Renee Tarun from Fortinet
  49. Analytics Can Make Behavioral Health Work – with Peter Shalek from AbleTo
  50. Securing Medical Devices and IoT – with Renee Tarun from Fortinet and Michael Archuleta from BridgeCare Health Network – Mt San Rafael
  51. The Future of Personalized Patient Engagement: Driving Optimal Population Health Outcomes – with Suzanne Cogan from SPH Analytics and Lisa Slattery from NCQA
  52. Health Data Integration Must Be for the Whole Clinic – with Josh Douglas from Bridge Connector
  53. How You Can Leverage Multi-Cloud Solutions to Make Your Healthcare Organization More Responsive – with Justin T Collier MD from World Wide Technology and David Sarson from Dell Technologies
  54. Leading the AMA Through Three Historic Challenges – with Dr. Patrice Harris from the American Medical Association
  55. DocDoc Helps Patients Discover Providers – with Grace Park from DocDoc
  56. Tips for Being in the COVID-19 Spotlight – with Michael Dowling from Northwell Health
  57. Premier Modernizes COVID-19 Surveillance, Calls the Need Urgent – with Mike Alkire and Ryan Nellis from Premier
  58. Planning and Optimizing Your MEDITECH Expanse Data Conversion – with Taylor Mawyer from Galen Healthcare Solutions and Jay Dering from MEDITECH
  59. Lessons Learned from Micky Tripathi and the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) – with Micky Tripathi, Former CEO at Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) and Chief Alliance Officer at Arcadia.io
  60. Smart Glasses Make a Return to Health Care with the Vuzix M400 – with Matt Margolis from Vuzix
  61. Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling – Leadership During COVID-19 – with Michael Dowling from Northwell Health
  62. A Look at the Future of Telehealth from a Medicare Reimbursement Perspective – with Tom Leary from HIMSS and Domenic Segalla from Withum
  63. How AI Assistants Are Decreasing the Physician Documentation Burden – with Graham Hughes and Ryan Plasch from Saykara and Gabe Charbonneau from Providence Montana and #FightBurnout
  64. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: A Collage of Insights – with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from HealthPopuli
  65. Unlocking Healthcare’s “Digital Front Door” with Integrated Virtual Care – with Steven Lazer from Dell Technologies, Pete Stevenson from eCare21, Gail Zahtz from Centers Health Care, Jamey Edwards from Cloudbreak Health
  66. COVID-19 Alters Product Roadmaps and Inspires Development Teams – with Kim Franks from Allscripts and Phil Leung from TigerConnect
  67. HIMSS 2021 Conference Officially Moved to August 9-13 in Las Vegas – with Hal Wolf from HIMSS
  68. Inching Closer to a National Patient Identifier – House Passes Removal of Ban on National Patient ID – with the Patient ID Now Coalition
  69. MEDITECH EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Maureen Williams from MEDITECH
  70. Is It Time to Modernize the EPCS (ePrescribing of Controlled Substances) Regulations? – with Cam Deemer from DrFirst
  71. The Data Needed for Transitions to Post-Acute Care – with Lissy Hu from CarePort Health
  72. Doceree is Bringing Pharma Advertising to EHR and Telehealth – with Dr. Harshit Jain from Doceree
  73. athenahealth EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Paul Brient from athenahealth
  74. Health IT Love in the Time of COVID – with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from HealthPopuli
  75. A Virtual Situation Management System’s Experience with COVID-19 – with Terry Zysk from LiveProcess
  76. A Genomics and Precision Medicine Update Amidst COVID-19 – with Joel Diamond, MD, FAAFP at 2bPrecise
  77. Modernizing Medicine EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Patric Edmondson and Dr. Andrew Rosenthal at Modernizing Medicine
  78. Data Driven Decisions for Care Transitions – with Jay LaBine MD from naviHealth
  79. What Changes Were Thrust Upon EHR During COVID-19 and What Will Be the Longer Term Impacts of These Changes? – with Justin A. Diehl, CHCIO from CereCore
  80. An Interview with Marc Probst on His Time at Intermountain and Move to ELLKAY – with Marc Probst from ELLKAY
  81. A Look at Virtual Care In Action – with Bronwyn Spira from Force Therapeutics
  82. Azalea Health EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Baha Zeidan from Azalea Health
  83. The Impact on Provider Selection and Appointment Booking Amidst COVID-19 – with Puneet Maheshwari from DocASAP
  84. A Look at Healthcare AI Powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistants – with Stefan Behrens from GYANT
  85. Interview with Teladoc Founder, Michael Gorton
  86. Greenway Health EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with David Cohen from Greenway Health
  87. Cybersecurity’s Impact on Patient Safety and Trust – with Chris Convey from Sharp Healthcare, Tom Stafford from CDW Healthcare, Ryan Witt from Proofpoint
  88. How Should Health Systems Approach Their Enterprise Precision Medicine Efforts? – with Philip Empey and the Center for Connected Medicine
  89. 4 Perspectives on Healthcare Interoperability and Exciting Initiatives Happening Today – with Matthew Michela from Life Image, Drew Ivan from Lyniate, Dr. Chris Hobson from Orion Health, and Emad Rizk, M.D. from Cotiviti
  90. New HRSA FAQ Clarifies 340B Eligibility for New Locations – with Lisa Scholz, PharmD, FACHE from Sentry Data Systems
  91. AdvancedMD EHR’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Tim Costantino from AdvancedMD
  92. Patient Experience through the Lens of Racism: A Patient Experience Symposium Discussion with Sachin Jain, MD – with Eileen Tobias from Komodo Health
  93. Allscripts and FollowMyHealth’s Approach to Telehealth – EHR Telehealth Series – with Skyler Wason from Allscripts and Kate Palazzolo from FollowMyHealth
  94. Where Is IoT and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) Really Being Used in Healthcare? – with Dave Wilson from Cisco
  95. UPMC’s Alerting System Improves Clinical Efficiencies While Meeting Compliance Mandates – with Kristian Feterik, MD, MBA, from UPMC discussing the Secure Exchange Solutions ADT alerting platform
  96. Cerner’s Approach to Telehealth and Partnership with Amwell – EHR Telehealth Series – with Andy Penn from Cerner
  97. The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Organizations – with Jon Kimerle from Pure Storage
  98. Digital Twins in Healthcare – Insights from Atos Experts – with Niels Thomsen and David Sele from Atos
  99. Healthcare Digital Transformation – with Paddy Padmanabhan from Damo Consulting and Co-Author of Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology, and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future
  100. Patient Communication and Scheduling Patterns During COVID-19 – with Sarah Bennight from Stericycle Communication Solutions